Barco Teams with Green Sources

Mumbai-based AV distributor Green Sources has been appointed Barco’s national distributor in India.


19 February 2015

Established in 2009, Green Sources is considered one of the top valued added distributors in the Indian AV market: “Customers from across the Indian subcontinent rely on its technically skilled, highly motivated and experienced staff,” Barco says.

“Currently, we see a vacuum for high-quality projectors with local service support, offered at the right price,” adds Green Sources director Swadesh Khetawat. “Teaming up with Barco, we now have what it takes to fill this gap and create happier customers. The introduction of Barco’s range of projectors in the Indian market is already being met with much enthusiasm.”

Barco’s latest corporate projector range, the Present series, is at the top of the sales agenda and will be available via Green Sources from March 2015.

Barco: www.barco.com

Green Sources: www.greensources.co


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