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Biamp Introduces Updated Evoko Workplace

New version of Evoko Workplace introduces an updated cloud platform.


21 June 2024

Biamp introduced new updates to Evoko Workplace and the Naso room scheduling panels at InfoComm 2024. This significant update unifies Biamp desk and room scheduling solutions into a single cloud-based platform, streamlining workspace management and enhancing collaboration for hybrid work environments.

The new version of Evoko Workplace introduces an updated cloud platform that integrates seamlessly with the newly revamped Evoko Naso room scheduling panels and Evoko Kleeo desk booking devices. The new unified system eliminates double bookings, provides real-time visibility into room and desk availability, and offers data-driven insights to optimize workspace utilization.

“The rise of hybrid work has created new challenges in managing dynamic office spaces efficiently,” said Joe Andrulis, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at Biamp. “Evoko Workplace addresses these challenges by consolidating our proven room and desk scheduling solutions into one powerful cloud-based platform.”

Key features of Evoko Workplace include:

Unified Room and Desk Scheduling: Book rooms or desks from a single mobile app or web portal, with Microsoft 365 and Google Calendar integration.

Interactive Floorplans: Navigate bookable spaces easily with interactive digital floorplans displaying real-time occupancy status.

Smart Filtering: Find the right room based on capacity needs, equipment requirements, and more using smart filters.

Insightful Analytics: Gain visibility into meeting room and desk usage patterns to drive informed workplace decisions.

Seamless Hardware Integration: Naso room schedulers and Kleeo desk booking stations work hand-in-hand with the cloud platform.

The updated Evoko Naso features a sleek new user interface, quick RFID check-in/check-out, and improved deployment capabilities. Evoko Kleeo brings desk reservation simplicity to the unified platform.

“Evoko Workplace eliminates uncertainties around desk and room availability while reducing workplace stress,” continued Andrulis. “Its insights, seamless integrations, and easy-to-use hardware create a smarter, more collaborative workplace experience.”

For more information about Evoko workplace management from Biamp, visit Biamp.




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