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Just Lamps Australia Ltd – 10 Years Old


17 June 2014

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Just Lamps has turned ten years old. The company started business in the UK in 2002. Within 18 months, offices were operating in Holland, the US and plans to open a German and Australian office were underway. On July 1st 2004 Just Lamps opened for business as Australia’s only replacement lamp specialist distributor. Following the same principals as its European and US businesses, Just Lamps Australia grew at an impressive rate. In 2006 sales were over 5000 lamps, and by 2010 sales had exceeded 10 000 lamps a year. In 2007 Just Lamps took on the exclusive Australian distribution for Diamond Lamps. In the first few years, the product range was small, but always growing. By 2012, Diamond Lamps made up a significant 30% of all Just Lamps Australian sales. Diamond Lamps continues to expand its range whilst ensuring excellent quality, inventory and pricing. By 2015 half of all sales are expected to be Diamond Lamps. Just Lamps remains Australia’s biggest trade only lamp distributor, offering OEM and Diamond replacement lamps for over 60 brands and over 5000 projector models. The management and staff of Just Lamps Australia would like to take this opportunity to thank all its customers for their support over the last 10 years, and look forward to providing you with the same great service in future.


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