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O-K to Go: K-Array’s Aus Reboot

K-Array’s unique audio solutions meet a fresh audience at a Sydney and Melbourne roadshow.


27 September 2022

Florence-based pro audio manufacturer, K-Array, combined with new local distributor, Australis Music Group, to reboot its Australian presence with a series of well-attended roadshow sessions.

K-Array is well known for its unique architectural audio solutions, which attracted a high-calibre audience of AV consultants, integrators, and architects. Solutions such as the Anaconda flexible array, the innovative KSPACE architectural lighting and audio system, and the miniscule Lyzard installation speaker may have drawn the curious, but K-Array’s recently launched KGEAR range of work-a-day audio systems showed that the Italian innovators don’t have their heads in the clouds.

Marc Vincent, K-Array’s Brand Development Manager of APAC, is now accustomed to seeing the wide eyes of those new to K-Array when they attend demonstrations such as these: “There’s a trend among architects and designers: they do not want to see speakers in their beautiful decor, and we’re getting more popular as a result. People are demanding smaller solutions without compromising on a big sound, and K-Array is uniquely placed to provide those solutions.”

For its part, Australis Music Group demonstrated its commitment to representing K-Array in Australia by underwriting the roadshow, which focussed heavily on the K-Array range of audio solutions. The sessions, staged in Studios 301, Sydney, and Empire Studios, Melbourne, provided a demonstration to Australis Music Group’s customers and the industry at large that K-Array would be strongly backed with sales and technical support as well as stock.

K-Array’s Marc Vincent, who flew in from his office in Hong Kong for the roadshow, was more than satisfied with the turn out:

“I came here to launch the rebirth of K-Array in Australia and I couldn’t be happier. Australis Music Group is our new distribution partners and we just clicked immediately. Australis combines passionate people, a love for technology, and good business ethics. Australis has stock in the warehouse and is ready to roll.”

Marc Vincent, K-Array’s Brand Development Manager of APAC.
The roadshow afforded the opportunity to hear a full range of K-Array solutions in action, including Anaconda.

Australis Music Group:


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Issue 28