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SiliconCore 135” Mobile Display

SiliconCore launches a high-resolution, low power 135” mobile display.


12 June 2024

SiliconCore has launched a Mobile All-In-One solution that brings the benefits of its unique and patented LED technologies into a high performing, flexible presentation solution. The high resolution 135” display is ideal for collaboration rooms, engineering environments, training suites and multi-purpose rooms.

The 1.25mm pixel pitch display can be folded and wheeled into any environment, including standard industrial elevators, then expanded through a motorized display mechanism when in location to deliver a seamless, higher than HD 2400 x 1350 resolution display. BYOD connectivity through HDMI or DPI input means users can be ready to present in seconds. The fine pixel pitch is ideal for all close proximity viewing applications, delivering the highest resolution content per square meter of dvLED. The extended canvas delivers 20% more pixels than comparable 135” displays on the market, with twice the brightness at 1200 nits and up to 40% lower power consumption.

SiliconCore is the first dvLED display manufacturer to achieve a 240Hz frame rate at this pixel pitch with the Mobile All-In-One delivering superior performance at this frame rate. This has been made possible by the manufacturer’s proprietary technologies and a novel light pulse width increment method that delivers the highest industry performance while maintaining low power consumption. This higher performing product can enable MPOV (Multi Point of View) in 3D active environments and additionally provides a much smoother image, with less image lag, reducing eye fatigue in intensive viewing environments, – also a plus for serious gamers.

The 120Hz version comes standard with 10-bit output to the display and even higher processing inside.   Its proprietary ZACH technology offers better detail in low level brightness and a near Rec2020 color gamut.  Its LISA encapsulation brings unparallelled contrast and solid blacks for minimal moire and reflectivity. As the first to market patent holder of Common Cathode technology, SiliconCore has propelled the LED display industry to new heights of sustainability, leading the way in its evolution and product roll out to deliver an even greener future.

Eric Li, CEO and President of SiliconCore explains, “Our Mobile All-In-One solution uses our finest technology for a high-performance solution in a compact unit. This new display offers greater flexibility and higher fidelity specifications to operate in visually demanding environments, making this AIO the top of its class. Expect more to come with a roadmap for more mobile products at higher resolutions with higher brightness for longevity and flexibility.”

Brightness with sustainability matters. At a 1200 nit sustained brightness level and low-level brightness under .07 nits, higher dynamic range can be achieved.  The LEDs are capable of 100,000 hours of life, however all LEDs dim over time, but at half-life you can expect a SiliconCore display to look as bright as it did on day one, as it sustains better operational brightness over its lifetime. The LEDs are not being pushed to their maximum limit and can run more efficiently, contributing to the improved contrast of the display.

The low power consumption of the display means that it just needs a single power cord for operation, with an average power consumption under 800 watts. This low power unit can easily replace complicated projection systems and instantly maximize total cost of ownership, with sustained brightness over the product lifetime.

Visit SiliconCore on Booth W1059 at InfoComm to see the Mobile All-In-One 135” LED display in action.

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