Zoom Certification for Biamp


5 June 2020

Biamp announces its recent completion of Zoom’s qualification testing for call controls.

As a result, Biamp now supports bidirectional mute synchronization to share mute or unmute commands with Zoom.  This means Biamp microphones accurately display mute status (red or green), and pass mute commands to the overall system with a button press.

The testing was conducted by Zoom and Biamp together on Biamp’s Devio SCR and Tesira platforms, working with Zoom and Zoom Rooms.  The new features are enabled by the latest Tesira and Zoom releases.

For more information, please visit Biamp’s all new Zoom page where you can find system design guides, tech notes, and other deployment tools: https://www.biamp.com/solutions/applications/zoom-rooms

Biamp: www.biamp.com
Zoom: zoom.us


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