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6 June 2018

AMX CT Series

Harman debuted the AMX Connectivity and Transport (CT) Series, a family of 4K switching and distribution kits that combine switching, scaling and distance transport into a single kit that includes both a transmitter and receiver. Two models are available, including a presentation kit targeting simple presentation applications and a conferencing kit that adds USB 2.0 transport and switching for use in web conferencing environments.

The AMX CT Series is available in two models:

AMX Presentation Connectivity and Transport Kit – The Presentation Connectivity and Transport kit was designed to address the needs of simple presentation environments, including 4K switching at the table, transport over category cable and additional connectivity at the receiver for an AMX Acendo Core or a room PC at the receiver, as well as scaling and output to the display. The receiver has built-in scaling, allowing the display to receive content in its native resolution regardless of the source.

AMX Conferencing Connectivity and Transport Kit – The Conferencing Connectivity and Transport kit was created to target web conferencing solutions where cameras, microphones, and other USB devices are installed in the room. The solution combines multi-format 4K60 video switching, scaling and distance transport with USB 2.0 peripheral switching. This allows dynamic sharing of room USB peripherals such as an AMX Acendo Vibe between visiting laptops, etc., and permanently installed devices such as an Acendo Core or room PC. This ensures excellent sound and visuals for guests whether they are using installed equipment or bringing their own devices.

AMX VPX Series

Harman also announced the AMX VPX Series Presentation Switchers, a family of multi-format presentation switchers that target small conference rooms and flipped classrooms. The VPX Series switchers support resolutions up to 4K60 4:4:4 and offer HDCP 2.2 compatibility to support the most current sources and displays.

“Conference rooms and flipped classrooms often utilise video switching at the table to simplify the system design and implementation,” explains Paul Krizan, Corporate Solutions Manager at HARMAN Professional Solutions. “The new AMX VPX Series addresses these applications by providing 4K60 switching in a small format that can easily be mounted underneath the table. The switchers offer mirrored HDBaseT and HDMI outputs with built-in scaling, making it perfect for active learning pods with a local display and distance transport to the main system.”

The AMX VPX Series presentation switchers are available in two options:

  • AMX VPX-1401 – The VPX-1401 is 4×1 switcher with three HDMI inputs and one VGA input.
  • AMX VPX-1701 – The VPX-1701 is a 7×1 switcher that includes five HDMI inputs and two VGA inputs.

To simplify system design, VPX Series switchers include built-in scaling, providing automatic adjustment of video to match the ideal resolution of the display, with support for resolutions up to 4K60 4:4:4. Because the VPX Series includes a mirrored HDBaseT output in addition to HDMI, the switcher can either connect directly to a standard HDBaseT input on a display or an AMX DXLite receiver. USB 2.0 distribution is also available over HDBaseT, allowing simplified connection to USB peripherals such as an AMX Acendo Vibe mounted near the display.

AMX Video Distribution Solutions

Finally, Harman announced a number of new video distribution solutions from AMX designed to simplify system design and implementation for corporate, education and government applications. The additions include a new AMX Precis 8×8 fixed matrix switcher, as well as multiple video distribution accessories.

New AMX video distribution solutions include:

AMX Precis 4K60 Matrix Switcher – this 8×8 fixed matrix switcher is 4K60 4:4:4 switching solution featuring eight HDMI inputs and outputs. Four of the outputs also feature mirrored HDBaseT outputs for connection directly to a display or projector that supports standard HDBaseT or for use with a Precis HDBaseT Receiver. The Precis supports 4K60 4:4:4 and HDCP 2.2 and includes dynamic audio de-embedding capabilities, offering a solution that is compatible with the latest sources and displays.

AMX DCE-1 4K60 In-Line Controller – the DCE-1 In-Line Controller combines CEC control, EDID emulation and audio extraction in a single, cost-effective device. The controller provides EDID emulation for resolutions up to 4K60 4:4:4, with the ability to copy from output or select from one of 15 preprogrammed EDIDs. The controller also offers control of display power using CEC or RS232 in response to a change in the input signal, as well as digital and analog audio de-embedding.

AMX SCL-1 4K60 Scaler – this small-format scaler adjusts the resolution of a video source to match the optimal resolution of the display. This single input/output product can be used in combination with other products—such as the local HDMI outputs on the AMX Precis 8×8—where scaling can be used to optimise the experience. The scaler supports input and output resolutions up to 4K60 4:4:4 and is compatible with HDCP 2.2 sources.

AMX DXLite Series 4K60 Distance Transport with HDR – The new AMX DXLite transmitter, like the previously announced DXLite receiver, leverages HDBaseT technology to distribute audio, video, and USB 2.0 over a single category cable. AMX DXLite supports 4K60 4:4:4, HDCP 2.2, and HDR video, and can be used point-to-point (transmitter to receiver) or in conjunction with an AMX Incite All-in-One Presentation Switcher. With onboard USB 2.0 distribution between the transmitter and receiver, a USB device such as an AMX Acendo Vibe conferencing soundbar, mounted at the display, can connect to a laptop at the table, providing cost-effective conferencing in BYOD meeting environments.

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