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AMX Introduces New Wallplate Encoders and Decoders

Cost-effective, professional-grade wallplates with Dante AV-A.


13 June 2024

HARMAN Professional Solutions will introduce its new AMX SVSI N2600D Wallplate Encoders and Decoders. These wallplates are the latest enhancement to the N2600 Series and bring Dante AV-A support to an encoder and decoder wallplate for the first time. The N2600 Series combines affordability and versatility making them ideal for colleges and universities, corporate, casinos, hospitality, government or just about any streaming application.

All N2600 models feature support for a high-quality, extremely low-latency 4K60 4:4:4 MWC codec that is perfect for transmitting both live video and detailed content. They also feature Virtual Network USB 2.0 Hub technology, video preview images viewable from the built-in web interface or from a touch panel, low-power mode for energy savings, and support for the most discerning high-security networks.

N2600D Encoders and Decoders are available in wallplate form-factors in both US and UK/EU styles and include both black and white faceplate inserts and wallplate covers to ensure they blend seamlessly within modern decors. Wallplate Encoders include both an HDMI input and a USB-C input that supports audio, video, and USB 2.0.

“There are so many potential applications for powerful Dante AV-A products and support that we couldn’t be more pleased to announce this addition to the N2600 Series and the SVSI lineup,” said Kyle Barron, Product Manager of Networked AV Solutions, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “We are proud to include yet another value-add that system integrators will be able to utilize to build even more robust and flexible streaming systems for a wide range of enterprise applications.“

In addition to the high-quality, low-latency 4K60 4:4:4 MWC stream, stand-alone box and card models with the ‘S’ designation add support for a high-compatibility, low-bandwidth 1080p H.26x secondary stream. These encoder models can simultaneously encode both MWC and H.26x streams and these decoders can decode streams of either type.

“We are excited to endorse the integration of Dante AV-A into AMX’s N2600D Encoders and Decoders as this is a perfect example of Audinate’s commitment to providing innovative and high-quality AV-over-IP solutions with collaborators such as AMX, said Bryce Dunn, Senior Director of Product Management at Audinate. ”By incorporating Dante AV-A, AMX is ensuring seamless, high-resolution audio and video performance, which aligns perfectly with our mission to enhance AV experiences across various applications.”

Feature Highlights:


  • Dante AV-A – N2600 models feature up to 4K60 4:4:4 Video and Audio interoperability with other products based on Dante AV-A technology. Signal routing, configuration, and IT-level management can be controlled using familiar and trusted tools from Dante.
  • HIGH-QUALITY, LOW-LATENCY – High-quality, extremely low-latency 4K60 4:4:4 MWC streaming delivers excellent video quality for transmitting both live video and detailed content within classrooms, meeting spaces, courtrooms, bars, and other applications.
  • HIGH-COMPATIBILITY, LOW-BANDWIDTH (‘S’ Models) – High-compatibility, low-bandwidth 1080p H.26x streaming, available on N2600S models, is great for distributing video over congested networks and is compatible with third-party devices and networks such as Panopto, Wowza, YouTube, and Facebook.
  • VIRTUAL NETWORK USB 2.0 HUB Full-bandwidth USB 2.0 routing allows USB devices such as cameras and conferencing soundbars to be easily integrated into room solutions. Virtual Network USB Hub technology allows the USB signal from up to four decoders to be combined and delivered to a USB host on any encoder.
  • WALLPLATE ENCODERS AND DECODERS FOR SEAMLESS INSTALLS – Wallplates create far cleaner and more secure installations for many applications. Installing a wallplate decoder behind a display reduces installation time, requires fewer cables, and solves the challenge of where and how to mount a box.
  • ENTERPRISE NETWORKING SUPPORT Multicast support, VLAN tagging, QoS, and the latest N2600 integrated security features enhance enterprise IT teams’ ability to manage network traffic effectively, which can allow SVSI AVoIP solutions to share the enterprise network with other systems.
  • OPEN DIRECT-CONTROL API An open API makes it possible for any control system or application, such as Zoom Rooms, to control the device. Whether part of a larger HARMAN Professional installation or the only AMX product in an install with products from other manufacturers, the open API allows seamless integration.

For complete product details and specifications, please visit:

MadisonAV: 1800 007 780



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