audinate dante ultimo update picture cables and chips



19 August 2015

audinate dante ultimo update picture cables and chips

Audinate today announced a firmware update to the Dante Ultimo audio networking chipsets.

The new Ultimo 2.2 firmware adds several enhancements for OEMs building low channel-count audio products with Dante Ultimo. Dedicated 4-channel input (4×0) or output (0x4) configurations at 96kHz are supported on the Ultimo 4×4 chipset, and minimum device latency has been reduced from 2ms to 1ms for both 2×2 and 4×4 versions.

The new firmware also delivers improvements to the Dante Device Protocol (DDP) that allow for visual product identification on a network and greater control capabilities via GPIO.

Ultimo is part of Audinate’s portfolio of high performance Dante devices and is a family of complete, fully featured, ready-to-use, single-chip Dante solutions for low channel-count networked audio products. The Ultimo family incorporates all the differentiated Dante features such as automatic device discovery, plug-and-play networking, custom device names and channel labels, and network-based firmware updates. Ultimo is a perfect choice for networking low channel-count products, including powered speakers, microphones, AV wall plates, speakerphones, amplifiers, paging stations, personal monitoring systems, recording interfaces, intercoms, and analog/digital break-in/break out interfaces.

The Ultimo Release 2.2 firmware is available immediately for OEMS. Ultimo is available in 2×2 channel (ULT-01-002) and 4×4 channel (ULT-01-004) configurations.

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