Barco Brings Spongebob to Life at Adelaide Oval

Barco UDX-4K32 helps create immersive show for the Big Bash League end of year celebration.


1 July 2020

Known for delivering premium audio and lighting services across and beyond Adelaide, Novatech Creative Event Technology (NCET), has emerged as one of the world’s most trusted full-service corporate event production companies. When the beloved animated character, SpongeBob SquarePants, turned 20, Nickelodeon teamed up with Novatech, TLA Worldwide, Adelaide Strikers, and Campfire Content Co., for a memorable birthday celebration – while exhibiting a visual bonanza for the audience.

Amplifying on the iconic Big Bash League New Year’s Eve fixture at the Adelaide Oval, Novatech used the opportunity to elevate the entire event with its visual game, leveraging Barco UDX projectors. Barco’s projectors enabled Novatech to deliver a stunning show for the audience with razor-sharp 4K images. The immersive show took over the sports ground, mesmerising the audience and, SpongeBob SquarePants surely lit up the event with his performance!

Seamless projection, ultimate visual experience

Visualization technology is only as good as the experience that it delivers to the viewers. Barco’s innovative projector portfolio ensures that partners and customers can deliver impressive visual stories at every type of event and venue. Partnering with Novatech, we knew we had to create an immersive show at an iconic sports ground and for one of the most famous animated characters.

The Oval’s 360-degree boundary LED screens, two levels of parapet LED screens, and three enormous LED vision screens were unified into a vast content canvas for the show. Aiming to deliver a never-before seen experience to the spectators, Novatech included four 30m x 17m white projection surfaces, laid on the field itself. To add to the experience, they rigged four units of UDX-4K32 projectors at the rear of the grandstands to use every pixel of their 4K capability to create a perfect image.

Adelaide Oval is one of the most picturesque sporting grounds in the world, and home to many events including cricket, AFL, concerts and functions. It offers a unique blend of new and old, carefully integrating the latest in stadium design with famous features, such as the heritage scoreboard, century-old Moreton Bay Fig trees, the grassed northern mound and more. These elements form an embedded museum, with integrated points of interest and historical features bringing the whole stadium to life.

Barco makes no compromise when it comes to exhibiting brilliance. Our UDX projectors set a new standard with the stunning visual exhibit at Adelaide Oval. And, with our innovation and support, we enabled Novatech to illuminate the venue with breathtaking 4K images. 

This article first appeared on Barco.com

Barco: www.barco.com
Novatech: www.ncet.co


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