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13 October 2015

bose freespace

New FreeSpace amplifiers offer high-quality amplification (2 x 120W) for either high- or low-impedance applications, allowing system integrators to spec FreeSpace amplifiers and loudspeakers in a wider range of venues

Bose Professional is now shipping four new dual-channel amplifier models from its broadened FreeSpace amplifier line. These models are optimised for premium commercial applications such as retail, restaurants and hospitality. There are two mixer amplifiers (IZA 2120-HZ, IZA 2120-LZ) and two expansion amplifiers (ZA 2120-HZ, ZA 2120-LZ) each at 120W per channel. FreeSpace amplifiers can be quickly configured without the use of a PC, enabling each installation to be customised easily and intuitively. In addition, the amplifiers offer a range of models and features to enhance any audio installation using Bose FreeSpace loudspeakers.

The IZA models include an integrated audio DSP providing Bose loudspeaker EQ, Bose Dynamic EQ, Opti-voice paging/ducking, audio mixing/routing, bass/treble adjustments, remote control options and an auto standby feature. The ZA models support sound system expansion when using front-end Bose products such as FreeSpace integrated zone amplifiers and ControlSpace engineered sound processors.

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