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Community LVH-900 Now Shipping

Shipping from Jands, Biamp’s Beamforming Venue Horn claims highest output, widest bandwidth, and consistent coverage on market


4 February 2021

Combined with Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers (ALC), LVH-900 tailors the directivity of each loudspeaker, or array of loudspeakers, to deliver precise, smooth, even, full-range sound distribution to an audience area.

These loudspeakers are ideal for music and speech reinforcement in stadiums, indoor arenas, auditoriums and houses of worship.

Key Features:

  • High output (137 dB @ 1m, continuous, per loudspeaker)
  • 3-way, horn-loaded triaxial design maintains pattern control to below 400 Hz
  • Smooth, full-range response (60Hz – 18kHz)
  • Acoustically excels in multi-cabinet arrays
  • Variable vertical dispersion beamforming adapts coverage to fit audience area
  • Indoor and outdoor weather-resistant models available
  • Variety of available mounting and array brackets to simplify installation
  • Time-saving system design & modeling in EASE Focus

12+ Horn Patterns From 4 Base Models:

  • LVH-906/AS (60° horizontal coverage)
  • LVH-909/AS (90° horizontal coverage)

A single Active Standard cabinet can provide vertical coverage of 60°, 40° or 20°
With up to 137 dB continuous max SPL (143 dB Peak)

  • 2 x LVH-906/AP  (60° horizontal coverage)
  • 2 x LVH-909/AP (90° horizontal coverage)

Dual-cabinet arrays of Active Plus models offer vertical coverage of 100°, 80° or 20°
With up to 140 dB continuous max SPL (146 dB Peak)

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