9 September 2014

Finally, waving your finger to control electronic devices is available technology. Broadcast solutions provider Orad has joined forces with Israeli interactive wearables startup MUV to provide a finger-worn device that turns surfaces into interactive screens.


Launching at IBC 2014, the interactive ‘Bird’ is particularly ideal for studio environments, allowing presenters to stand anywhere and rotate, scale, move, drag, tap, hold, draw and highlight graphics on any surface. The device houses MUV’s tracking technology and can identify where the presenter is pointing to, standing, which surfaces are relevant, how much pressure is applied, and so on. The data is then transmitted  to Orad’s Interact system, which presents the corresponding graphic on the surface. For example, a presenter can drag any image on any wall in the studio or emphasise a particular object in the video wall.

“This groundbreaking solution opens the door for broadcasters who want to turn any surface into an interactive device,” says Orad CEO and president Avi Sharir. “Moreover, by having the sensors on the presenter’s finger, he or she can stand anywhere in the studio as opposed to standing in front of the screen itself.”

“We are confident that this unique solution will establish a new standard for broadcasters to present their content in a futuristic fashion, with minimum adaptations to their current studios,” adds MUV CEO and founder Rami Parham. “Once we enable the presenter to easily interact with holographic content floating around him, a new ecosystem of interactive content is expected to emerge.”

Source: media release

Orad: www.orad.tv


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