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6 October 2014

Infinity Core 200 Processing Engine


Studer has unveiled its new Infinity 200 processing engine that drives its Vista V digital console. Designed for smaller facilities that require lower channel counts and full system redundancy, the Infinity 200 offers the same benefits of the original Infinity DSP Core found in the Vista X console introduced earlier this year but enables up to 200 audio channels to be processed in a single CPU-based board.

The Infinity 200 features Studer A-Link high-capacity fiber digital audio interfaces, and D23m I/O frames are used to break out these A-Link connections to standard analog, digital, audio over IP (AoIP) and video interfaces. The A-Link interface also provides direct connection to the Riedel MediorNet distributed router, allowing many Infinity systems to be connected together with router capacities of 10,000 square or more.

Vista Software Upgrade


HARMAN’s Studer introduced its version 5.2 software upgrade to the Vista X, Vista V, Vista 1 and Vista 5 M3 digital consoles. New features include the ability to assign Strip Setups as CUE events, support for Soundcraft’s Realtime Rack (UAD plug-ins), support for Lexicon PCM96 Surround reverbs with Infinity Core, Input Gain unfold for multi-format channels, Spill Zone for contributing channels, GUI enhancements and new patch groups, A-Line embedded Ethernet; and contribution PAN in stereo channels to mono aux busses.

D23M I/O System

dual MADI side - Dual madi card and D23m

With an enhanced channel count architecture that allows Vista X and Vista V digital consoles users to transfer a huge number of channels, Harman’s Studer D23m I/O system works seamlessly with the Studer Infinity Core and A-Link interface technology and is fully compatible with D21m systems already in the field. The A-Link HD card hosts a powerful processor to operate all required patching and can be used as the sync master to the system, or slaved to a variety of external synchronisation signals. The D23m can host up to 12 I/O cards with a total of 1536 inputs and 1536 outputs, and comes with two A-Link ports and two hot-swappable power supplies for secure, redundant operation. Status displays on the front panel indicate the status of the frame or the status of installed cards.

New MADI Card to Accompany D23

dual MADI front - Dual madi card and D23m

With the introduction of its D23m I/O system and A-Link 3 Gbit/s optical interface, Studer announced the first MADI I/O card specifically designed to fit in the new D23 frame. The dual slot card is fitted with two redundant MADI interfaces and provides up to 128 channels of inputs and 128 channels of outputs on the two fully redundant interfaces. SFP modules are used for the front panel MADI interfaces and these hot-pluggable devices are available in a variety of optical and electrical formats.

New Features for OnAir Radio

On Air 3000 angled - 6.1

New OnAir version 6.1 software is a free update offering enhancements including loudness metering, delay function, improved AoIP support with Dante, automated gain calibration and BSS BLU link support.


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