23 November 2016


In a move to incorporate its Virtual Reality (VR) Lab in line with its broader Simulation Hub in 2015, Australia’s Macquarie University embarked on an upgrade plan to find a visual system that would enhance its virtual experience.

The upgrade team, guided by VR experts, VRSpace (now GHD) opted for an 8m diameter 240°, cylindrical, fully immersive laser projection system for its new VR Lab: the Digital Projection HIGHlite Laser (WUXGA 1920×1200). The projector was sourced through Digital Projection’s distributor in Australia, Amber Technology.


The HIGHlite laser’s solid-state light source is capable of producing over 20,000 hours of illumination. It’s also significantly brighter than its lamped predecessors, producing 13,000 lumens of vivid imaging.

The university’s Simulation Hub is a collective of virtual reality environments in a single location. The VR Lab, initially established in 2003, provides just one of five different environments encompassing a variety of scenarios.

The upgrade objective was to provide a high-performance 3D-capable projection solution to allow participants in the VR Lab to immerse themselves in the virtual research environment. The original VR Lab used a curved front projection screen, filling 160° of the viewers’ peripheral vision and projecting onto the canvas in active stereo (frame sequential stereo) to simulate depth in the 3D virtual environment.

But the team wanted a seamless experience, and a 240° viewing angle was the goal for a fully immersive experience. VRSpace designed the VR Lab’s new system recommending the Digital Projection solution.


Four Digital Projection HIGHlite Laser projectors in total were required to provide the four-channel warp and blend, active stereo 3D, 240° cylindrical panoramic projection spanning 18.8m. HIGHlite provided flexible mounting orientation, vital for the complex requirements of Macquarie University’s VR Lab. The installation also included other technology such as 3D positional audio and a cyber glove input device to complement the highest possible quality of cutting edge laser projection.

More Info:
Digital Projections: www.digitalprojection.co.uk
Australian Distributor: www.ambertech.com.au


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