Hybrid Solstice

Mersive Solstice 5.5 for unified hybrid workplaces.


3 October 2022

Solstice 5.5 from Mersive is the next evolution of bring your own meeting (BYOM) for the hybrid work era. With Solstice 5.5, you can create a consistent and collaborative meeting experience for your hybrid workforce. Solstice 5.5 works for any meeting space — including dedicated Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms — transforming them into fully wireless, fully integrated meeting spaces.


A Unified Meeting Experience for All Users, Across All Meeting Spaces.
Solstice 5.5 delivers a consistent collaborative experience for both in-person and remote workers for any type of room, including dedicated Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms.

A Simpler, More Engaging User Experience.
A redesigned interface and workflow creates a more intuitive and straightforward experience for all users. Improved energy efficiency benefits the Solstice Pod as Solstice 5.5 intelligently controls the Pod’s performance level, decreasing energy consumption by up to 40% in some use cases.

Support for More Third-Party Devices.
With the rollout of the Automation Lab, Solstice 5.5 supports more devices — which have undergone rigorous testing and certification — than ever before.

Upgrade to Solstice 5.5 to turn any dedicated Teams or Zoom Room into a truly collaborative and wireless BYOM space, and wirelessly connect any video conference meeting to the room’s display, camera, and microphone. Create a better, more equitable meeting experience for both in-room and remote workers, and make meetings more collaborative and impactful as workers return to the office.

Mersive Technologies: mersive.com
Australian Distributor: midwich.com.au


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