1 June 2016


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At InfoComm 2016 d&b audiotechnik (demo room N117) will introduce its software plug-in for the Q-SYS platform enabling control and monitoring of d&b amplifiers and loudspeakers from any Q-SYS Core.

The detailed control interoperability enabled by the dedicated software module means d&b amplifiers can be integrated easily as part of a Q-SYS DSP network system. Integrators can provide power on/off, Mute, Gain, Preset Recall and other amplifier controls from any Q-SYS user control interface (UCI) hosted on any number of control devices and — vice versa. It also allows you to read extensive status information from the d&b loudspeaker system. Extensive integration with Q-SYS also allows the status logging of all audio connections to amplifiers, and the operating state of connected loudspeakers to be surveyed.

“With this new control module, d&b loudspeaker systems can now be combined with QSC’s Q-SYS platform for system designs requiring the integration of high performance audio within customised installation structures — especially in venues such as stadia and houses of worship,” says d&b Installation Product Manager Wolfgang Schulz. “The result is a perfect solution: concert quality sound, user friendly handling, and integration functionalities, such as unattended operation, system event logging, public address and voice alarm.

“This collaboration effort between d&b and QSC came about from market opportunities, where both d&b and Q-SYS were repeatedly being specified together into high profile installations” added David Fuller the Sr. Director of Product Development at QSC. “Having Q-SYS integrate seamlessly with d&b’s class-leading concert system is truly an integrator’s dream.”

The new d&b plug-in for Q-SYS is free to download and available now on the d&b and QSC websites.

More info:
d&b audiotechnik: www.dbaudio.com
Australian Distributor: www.nationalaudio.com.au


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