listentalk transceiver



30 March 2017

listentalk transceiver

ListenTechnologies’ ListenTALK product attracted lots of attention at ISE 2017 where it was launched. The mobile two-way communication system makes it easy for groups of two or more people to listen and talk with the push of a button over distances up to 100m. ListenTALK is ideal for noisy, crowded or mobile environments where you’d like to communicate without shouting or whispering — such applications include training and collaboration, presentations, guided tours, event production, and language interpretation in worship services or international business events.

The ListenTALK transceiver has a built-in microphone and ear speaker. Smartphone earbuds or headsets can be used as well. Clip the device to your belt, or hang it around your neck on a lanyard. Setting up a group is quick and easy. Place all your ListenTALK devices in the docking station tray and you can configure all devices simultaneously by pushing a button, or using the free software suite. The docking station also acts as a charging device.

Up to 10 simultaneous ListenTALK groups can operate within the same space. You can switch between groups by touching your ListenTALK device to another leader device to pair. Operating in the license-free 1.9GHz band, transmission is reliable, interference-free, and secured with multi-step encryption for peace of mind.

Tracy Bathurst, CTO at ListenTechnologies, said, “ListenTALK eliminates complicated channel selection and frequency allocation by using smart technology. The result is a secure, reliable wireless communications system with a wide range that facilitates collaboration among users in mobile group settings, such as tours or training environments.”

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