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Lumens Launch the LC300

The LC300 is a new 4K-ready media processor.


10 July 2024

Lumens Digital Optics Inc. has launched the LC300, a new 4K-ready media processor with support for four channels of video including NDI HX3 and High Bandwidth NDI streams. A powerful and flexible device, LC300 is a lecture capture system with easy-to-use functions such as source switching and mixing, multi-channel recording and streaming, and both internal and network-based file storage.

Designed to operate standalone or as part of a Panopto or Kaltura installation, LC300 supports remote management and control, enabling organizations to centralize media production and distribution. For maximum flexibility, video inputs include IP, NDI, SDI and HDMI cameras and USB webcams, while the system supports seven channels of audio.

Lumens is meeting the fast-growing need within the education, public and corporate sectors for high quality video as a tool for learning, communication and archiving. With the LC300, the Lumens range of media processors now offers customers everything from a 2-channel HD device to an UltraHD multi-channel video and audio solution, complete with full bandwidth NDI.” Observed Steven Liang, Head of Product Development at Lumens.

With the LC300, the emphasis is on usability. Users have multiple control options: firstly, the unit is compatible with the LC-RC01 remote control panel. Both this device and the front-mounted buttons on the unit itself allow for simple control to start and stop recording and streaming. Add an HDMI monitor, keyboard and mouse or connect to the unit over the network for access to the full visual interface and creative options. LC300 supports the Lumens Deployment Tool 2.0 which delivers network monitoring, control and management over multiple media processors and cameras on the IP network.

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For more information about Lumens LC300 4-Channel Recorder and Streaming Media Processor with UltraHD and NDI, please visit:

Corsair Solutions: (03) 9005 9861



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