6 December 2017

While Harvard University sports fans may not have noticed Marshall Electronics’ POV cameras during its team’s last home game, they’ve certainly seen exciting footage that the subtly positioned cameras have captured of crucial layups and game-winning goals. Harvard Athletics has leveraged Marshall’s POV cameras to ensure its broadcasts capture the exhilaration and intricacies of Ivy League Network events, ranging from ice hockey, to basketball to an array of water sports such as water polo, swimming and diving.

The university recognises that Marshall’s cameras guarantee hassle-free video clarity and broadcast efficiency, whether they’re setup on the ice, on the court or underwater. According to Imry Halevi, director of multimedia & production for Harvard Athletics, the field-of-view flexibility of interchangeable CS/C mount varifocal lenses with a combination of Marshall’s CV-line ProSeries HD Cameras prove particularly helpful.

“With quality broadcast-level cameras becoming more affordable, we have limitless opportunities to expand the scope of our broadcasts, without exponentially expanding our budget,” says Halevi. “That’s where the Marshall cameras have been so helpful. Instead of utilising expensive solutions to place cameras behind the backboard, inside hockey penalty boxes and underwater, we can use these small and very easy to set up cameras, and not have to worry about training our crew in using new gear. It really helps set broadcasts apart when viewers can see angles they don’t expect.”

Marshall: www.marshall-usa.com
Australian Distributor: www.corsairsolutions.com.au


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