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MAXHUB 360° all-in-one camera


21 April 2022

The UC M40 is a 5MP, 4-lens, all-in-one conference camera that provides a low-distortion, 360° wide-angle view. Its phone-sized metal enclosure makes it portable and robust. The unit has speakers, and microphones that tie in with AI auto-tracking technology and two-direction simultaneous voice tracking so that voices can be heard accurately in small to medium-sized spaces.

The camera has two function modes. Operating in Standalone Mode the UC M40 provides full performance with no software to install, while in Professional Mode you can adjust a variety of settings, from camera angles to custom display layouts and auto-framing settings. With plug and play functionality the UC M40 delivers one-tap mode switching and LED voice location indicator, and six pre-set room view options to do away with the grid-view that has become synonymous with pandemic video meetings.

MAXHUB has also recently confirmed that the UC M40 camera was awarded a Red Dot Design Award for functionality and innovation in the field of Product Design.

MAXHUB: maxhub.com
Australian Distributor: btcwholesale.com.au


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