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New Pan Immerse 4D Audio

A revolutionary audio system designed to captivate audiences.


21 June 2024

CMI Music and Audio is thrilled to unveil Pan Immerse 4D Audio, a revolutionary audio system designed to captivate and inspire audiences across diverse environments. Whether in museums, installations, live performances or theme parks Pan Immerse 4D Audio offers unparalleled immersive experiences, emphasizing both individual and automated interactivity.

Pan Immerse 4D takes audiences on an extraordinary journey, blending spatial and auditory experiences to create emotionally impactful performances. Recorded or live, each show becomes a multi-sensory spectacle, elevating the art of storytelling through sound.

Using advanced object-based audio, Pan Immerse 4D achieves precise 3D sound source spatialization and optional reverberation adjustments for both indoor and outdoor venues. This ensures that the audio “sweet spot” is omnipresent, providing perfect immersion for all listeners.

Advanced Technology

At the core of Pan Immerse 4D Audio is wave field synthesis (WFS), a cutting-edge technology based on wave acoustics principles. WFS allows for precise control over sound fields, creating realistic and spatial audio experiences suitable for concerts, theater performances, movies, virtual reality, and more.

Pan Immerse 4D Audio introduces the fourth dimension—time—through Pan ACS, which adjusts room acoustics to match architectural features and specific applications. This creates highly realistic and emotional soundscapes that envelop the listener.

User-Friendly, Flexible and Reliable

Despite its high-performance capabilities, Pan Immerse 4D is designed for ease of use. Presets and automation ensure that even those with minimal experience can operate the system effectively, making it ideal for museums and other public venues.

The Pan Immerse 4D system is built on a robust hardware and software platform, ensuring maximum uptime and reliability. Available in three configurations, it caters to diverse needs, from small setups to extensive systems with 160×128 I/O for live sound applications. It supports various multi-channel formats, including 7.1 and complex speaker arrangements with up to 128 channels.

Enhancing Immersion with PB Beam Steering and AMT Range

Pan Immerse 4D’s immersive capabilities are enhanced by Pan’s PB and AMT range, enabling specialized configurations for superior audio experiences.

Pan Beam: This technology allows for precise beam steering of multiple beams, ensuring clear and focused audio even in challenging environments. It enhances speech intelligibility and overall sound quality by directing audio where it is most needed. Power over Ethernet (PoE++): Streamlines installation by providing power, data, and signal transmission over a single cable, reducing cabling needs. With Native Dante onboard Pan Acoustics ensures a future-proof solution.

AMT Range: Pan’s Air Motion Transformer (AMT) speakers deliver high-resolution audio with minimal distortion, capturing performance nuances and creating a lifelike soundstage. The key to this range is the High Frequency transducer. Together with Mundorf, Pan Acoustics developed a special AMT tweeter, which enriches the Pan Acoustics product range due to its natural high frequency reproduction.

But, What About Surrounds?

When designing immersive audio setups, placement and coverage of surround, height, and rear speakers pose significant challenges. Ensuring seamless and accurate immersive sound components requires careful selection and positioning of speakers.

Delving Deeper into the Immerse 4D Engine

The Pan Immerse 4D Audio engine is the cornerstone of this advanced system, enabling dynamic and interactive audio experiences. It utilizes sophisticated algorithms to process and render audio in real-time, creating an immersive sound field that adapts to the listener’s position and movements.

Key Features of the Immerse 4D Engine

Object-Based Audio Processing: Allows for precise placement and movement of sound objects within a three-dimensional space, enhancing the realism of the audio experience.
Wave Field Synthesis (WFS): Provides accurate spatial audio rendering by controlling the propagation of sound waves, ensuring a natural and immersive listening environment.
Reverberation Control: Adjusts the reverberation characteristics of the audio to match the acoustics of the venue, providing a tailored and consistent sound experience.
Real-Time Tracking Integration: Supports tracking systems to dynamically adjust audio based on the listener’s position, ensuring consistent sound quality and localization.

Inspire with Technology

Tracking Technology: Tracking visitors or performers can create the impression that a character from a story is speaking directly to the visitor, enhancing the immersive experience. Various positioning and localization systems can be used to determine the location of the visitor or performer and position the corresponding audio object accordingly.

Pan Immerse 4D can guide visitors through museums, providing more information about artworks without the need for unhygienic and expensive headphones. This reduces noise pollution, maintaining the tranquillity and ambiance of the space.

CMI Music and Audio is excited to introduce Pan Immerse 4D Audio to the Australian pro audio market, offering limitless immersive possibilities to engage and captivate audiences. With advanced technologies like Pan Beam, AMT, PoE++, Dante, and Pan Immerse 4D, Pan Acoustics sets a new standard for immersive, high-quality auditory experiences. Discover the future of sound with Pan Acoustics and transform how you experience audio.

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