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Plug-and-Play Collaboration for Mobile Devices and Interactive Displays by BenQ

InstaShow S (WDC20) Offers iOS / Android Support and Touch Back Control for Cross-Device Wireless Presentations.


18 May 2020

BenQ announces InstaShow S, a powerful wireless presentation device designed to free corporate IT staff and meeting participants from setup delays and collaboration limitations. Empowering synergistic interaction among a diverse range of devices, InstaShow S brings instant plug-and-play wireless presentation to mobile devices and interactive displays in addition to laptops and projectors.

“Display technology is revolutionising the modern enterprise, classroom and small business alike,” said Martin Moelle, Managing Director of BenQ Australia. “Interactive displays and smartphones as well as projectors and laptops continue to enhance corporate productivity in meeting rooms, and InstaShow S assures true plug-and-play collaboration to compliment that.”

InstaShow adds wireless capability to any display device with an HDMI port, flawlessly streaming Full HD 1080p video and 16-bit stereo audio. Future-proof for tomorrow’s interactive meeting rooms, InstaShow S also supports touch back control of the source device directly from the touch screen. Presentation materials can be manipulated and edited at the touch display without need to move to the source laptop or smart device to make changes.

Crafted with the same design philosophy as other BenQ wireless presentation devices, InstaShow S is an all-hardware solution that requires no driver installation, execution, or setup. InstaShow S provides true plug-and-play operation with any OS or hardware platform, going beyond PC/laptop compatibility to support any iOS or Android mobile device. With a generous transmission range of 15 metres, InstaShow S quickly switches presentations from up to 32 participants and allows up to four split-screen presenters to collaborate simultaneously.

Operating on 802.11ac/n high-speed Wi-Fi with automatic channel selection, InstaShow S ensures fast, secure wireless connections to the display by simply plugging into the HDMI and USB ports of the laptop and starting wireless presentations at the touch of a single button. Android and iOS mobile devices connect just as easily via the BenQ InstaShow app.

Tastefully minimalist in its design and naturally intuitive to use, InstaShow S transforms cluttered meeting spaces into seamless collaborative experiences with zero delay and minimal maintenance, compatible with almost any display device, PC, laptop, and mobile device.



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Issue 28