31 March 2017


PRG XL Video will replicate several real-world entertainment scenarios at Prolight + Sound on 4-7 April 2017. The key focal point will be a giant arena show demo area, which will see PRG XL Video deploy Beacons from BlackTrax realtime motion tracking system discreetly fitted to the clothing of German pop artists Foxos.

The BlackTrax real-time motion tracking system will be configured instantly to track and manipulate lighting live as well as an eye-watering 200 LED ‘balls’. The LED balls will be able to move up and down 30 feet in the air suspended above show visitors.

Morten Carlsson, Chief Marketing Officer EMEA at PRG XL Video, said, “Every year we do a demo show that wows visitors and this year it’s an arena theme. Being in the stand to demonstrate our capabilities with BlackTrax is very exciting, and we’ll be able to chat with interested visitors and talk about how we do what we do!”

Literally hundreds of arena shows, entertainment venues, concerts, visual spectaculars, visitor attractions, museums, learning and cultural centres across the globe today are taking advantage of the accurate, highly reliable BlackTrax real-time motion tracking system. BlackTrax hand built in Canada, can fit most applications and a growing group of global experts support those end applications 24/7, regardless of location.

BlackTrax: www.blacktrax.ca


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