Q-SYS Designer Software v9.6

New products support & feature licenses.


24 November 2022

With Q-SYS’ new vCore and Q-SYS Control feature licenses users can add control and automation (video display, sensors, lighting) to spaces that don’t require dedicated Q-SYS audio or video functionality, and integrate Q-SYS Control products with custom UCIs and QIO Series control expanders. Monitoring and managing disparate rooms is now possible with Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager too.

New Product Support

  • Core 610 network I/O COTS processor
  • Core 110f v2 network + analog I/O processor
  • AD-C6T-HP & AD-C6T-HC ceiling-mount loudspeakers for challenging spaces
  • AD-DWL Series landscape loudspeakers and companion subwoofer

Q-SYS Audio
New Disable PowerSave control on the CX-Q/CXD-Q/DPA-Q Series Amplifier Output components lets you prevent amplifiers from entering PowerSave mode.

What’s New in Q-SYS Designer Software v9.6
James Martin (Q-SYS Application Engineer Manager) dives into the new features.

Q-SYS: qsys.com
Australian Distributor: tag.com.au


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