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Real Estate Academy Sold on Pearl Mini

The Real Estate Academy could see the writing on the wall.


17 June 2020

It was running events for the real estate sector week in, week out, filling hotel ballrooms, and hiring top quality inspirational speakers but the tide was beginning to turn, even well before Covid19 struck. Real estate sector staff were losing their appetite for the time commitment in attending a day-long seminar in the city with the associated cost of parking and accommodation. The industry was leaning more towards online delivery of information and for snappier packages.

“Everyone thought it’d be easy to move our business online,” recalls Real Estate Academy’s Lee Woodward. “And, sure enough, it was easy to do a substandard job — speaking into a laptop is easy — but when you’ve got a presenter who’s being paid thousands of dollars and you have a reputation for high quality productions, doing a webcam Zoom meeting wasn’t going to cut it.”

Lee Woodward happened upon an online ad for the Pearl Mini streamer and gave the supplier, AP Technology, a bell: “if this thing does even half of what it says it does, I’ll buy it over the phone now!”.

AP Technology sent a rep out to a Real Estate Academy live event and showed Lee some of the Pearl Mini’s capabilities.

“It just worked. I didn’t need to be a technician to make it function. The interface is very simple; it’s all mapped out in front of you. It also fixed the voice sync, which is a dreadful feature of cheaper productions.”


The Real Estate Academy has been using the Pearl Mini ever since with its conference work. 

But that’s certainly not all. The Pearl Mini has since been at the nexus of Lee’s packaged content productions, called TOD (Training on Demand).

Lee has managed to streamline the shooting of these videos to the absolute bare bones. Rather than shooting and re-taking for hours, Lee takes care of the session himself. He records directly to the Pearl Mini, and uses the the device’s ease of use and quick read/write times to preview his delivery and delete takes until he gets a scene absolutely spot-on. Once satisfied, he uses the Pearl Mini to upload the take to Dropbox where he has video editing people offshore tidying things up and stitching multiple scenes together.

“It’s about compiling ultra-tight content. And as a video capture and preview device the Pearl Mini is killer. It’s my video interface and audio interface, and the switcher. The Pearl Mini is right there in front of me, and it’s where I watch the take, label it or bin it and start again. Meanwhile, the laptop would be pin-wheeling, or my camera memory card would be filling up and needing to be exported.”

AP Technologies: (02) 9452 6001 or


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