sennheiser speechline digital wireless



8 September 2015

sennheiser speechline digital wireless

While there are plenty of wireless microphones on the market that are versatile enough to use on a range of sources, Sennheiser felt the need to design SpeechLine Digital Wireless — a wireless digital microphone system optimized exclusively for speech applications, unveiled at ISE 2015. Sennheiser believed so strongly in the need for such a product that it consulted users, technicians and integrators, carrying out its own research to design the completely new system that combines the key requirements of wireless speech microphones.

“In order to meet the needs of our customers, our engineers developed a completely new wireless microphone from scratch,” said Kai Tossing, Portfolio Manager at Sennheiser Business Communication. The aim was to develop a microphone optimally designed for the spoken word and public speaking. In the course of its research, Sennheiser discovered that the most sought-after requirements placed on microphones for speech applications are easy installation and operation, a high level of reliability and future-proof technology.

The microphone operates in the 1.9GHz band and makes the technician’s job easier during the set-up process as it has an Automatic Frequency Management feature that searches for free frequencies on-site, saving the need for frequency planning in advance. Integrated Audio Level Management automatically adjusts the system to the application scenario and the speaker, enhancing speech intelligibility.

Reliability was also a priority in the making of SpeechLine Digital Wireless. Automatic Interference Management seamlessly switches the system to an alternate frequency if wireless transmission is disturbed. The lithium-ion battery provides a battery life of over 15 hours, and can be charged via USB if required. Selectable sound profiles and sound processing algorithms are available, with presets optimized for different voice types.

SpeechLine Digital Wireless is available as a handheld or lavalier microphone, or as a headset.

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