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Solid State Logic Drops its SSL Live Bundles

Solid State Logic is launching its SSL Live Bundles systems.


7 June 2024

Solid State Logic will launch its SSL Live Bundles. Featuring Dante and MADI-based systems optimised for touring, installed sound and church audio, SSL Live Bundles provide complete systems in the most cost-effective way possible.

New SSL Live Bundles
The SSL Live production platform is extremely flexible, with an almost infinite number of system configurations available. SSL Live Packs have been developed to provide complete systems optimised for touring, installed sound, and church audio, in the most cost-effective way possible. The new SSL Live Bundles, which are scalable to meet the end-user’s production requirements and budget, deliver SSL Live’s legendary sound quality and processing tools, advanced routing and connectivity, (including remote control via TeamViewer) and SuperAnalogue Dante and MADI-based I/O in bundles suitable for all sizes of tour, event space or church. Upgrading to SSL Live has never been easier.

Installed Sound and Touring
With full Dante routing directly from the console, SSL Live plays an integral role as part of a Dante integration in a sophisticated installed sound setup. Whether it’s providing live performance audio in a church, theatre or event space, and sharing that across multiple rooms over IP, or providing outstanding audio quality for your corporate seminar, SSL Live has the solution. For touring applications, SSL Live consoles combined with their Blacklight II Concentrator interface allow connection of multiple SuperAnalogueTM ML 32.32 MADI stageboxes shared across two SSL Live consoles for the ultimate in ruggedised plug-and-play simplicity in a high-pressure environment. Visit the Solid State Logic booth at Infocomm 24 to find out more.

SSL Live consoles and SuperAnalogue Network I/O
At InfoComm 24, SSL will showcase its latest range of SSL Live mixing consoles, interfaces and processing tools, including the high-performance, compact L350 Plus and the company’s flagship L650 console, as well as a selection of its class-leading SuperAnalogue™ network IO. The SSL Live platform is designed to excel in the most demanding applications, providing engineers with the workflows, processing tools, and integration needed to push their productions to the next level, while elevating sound quality for the artist and audience. Book an appointment with an SSL Live expert at InfoComm 24.

SSL Live Certified Training
Solid State Logic is expanding its renowned Certified Training. SSL’s ‘certified’ program is your opportunity to experience the advanced workflows and outstanding sound quality that SSL Live offers and become certified in SSL Live technology – talk to an SSL live expert at InfoComm 24 to find out more.

Tempest Control App
Solid State Logic’s new virtual mixer, Tempest Control App (TCA) will be making its InfoComm debut. TCA is a fully featured software mixer that enables operators to control every aspect of System T’s mixing, routing, processing and monitoring – from as little as a touchscreen. Additional hardware, including fader tiles, can be easily integrated with TCA when required. Capable of running on a local PC, a virtual machine on a shared server, or in the cloud, TCA delivers a new level of production agility and operational efficiency for broadcasters and event spaces.

SSL is pleased to be exhibiting at InfoComm once again and looks forward to meeting with attendees. For a free SSL VIP guest pass, use code SOL350. To book an appointment, please visit the events page:

Amber Technology: 1800 251 367



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