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Stem Audio Adds Mute Sync With Zoom


16 June 2020

Stem Audio has released a firmware update (version 1.3) for its conference room ecosystem. This update offers many new features including mute sync with Zoom, automated future firmware updates, audio fencing, enhanced encryption, and more.

“Our team has been hard at work pushing the envelope of what is possible in the collaboration space” says Jacob Marash, CEO and Founder of Stem Audio. “Stem 1.3 is not only an exciting milestone for our company, but also a testament to our ongoing commitment to listen to our customers and provide solutions that make a difference in their meetings”.

Mute Sync with Zoom: When muting your meetings directly on Zoom, Stem’s audio devices are now sync’d to indicate they have also been muted by lighting up red. The same goes for muting the Zoom application from Stem Table and Wall devices. By pushing the microphone button on your Table or Wall device, your meeting will indicate it has been muted on the Zoom software application.

Automated Firmware Updates: All future firmware updates will be pushed automatically to all Stem devices.

Stem Ceiling Is Now Equipped with Audio Fencing: Stem Ceiling’s audio fencing technology creates a 25-degree zone of coverage where anyone within that zone will be heard perfectly and any outside noise and unwanted distractions will be completely removed from the meeting.

Enhanced Encryption: Stem Audio added an extra layer of encryption for communication between units for enhanced security in addition to ensuring your username and password data is protected at all times. Audio packets between devices are now fully encrypted and cannot be recreated if collected through the network.

WEBINAR: Join Stem Audio on June 24th at 10am PT to get an in-depth look at firmware update 1.3 and ask any questions you may have.



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