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Three New Ranges of Sharp Information Display Panels

Engage, inform, and influence your audience with the latest 4K information display panels from SHARP. Coming in a range of sizes and with flexible installation methods, the SHARP PN-HW, PN-HB and PN-HM series create eye-catching visual messaging in almost any environment. 


26 August 2019

The three new ranges offer a true 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) resolution, rendering all on-screen content, including both videos and still images in renewed detail and depth. On top of their 4K Ultra HD resolution, the PN-HB series also comes with a brightness of 350 nits while the PN-HM series has a brightness of 450 nits, providing a high visual impact even in brightly lit areas. 

The brightness is further enhanced by innovative LED backlighting to ensure vivid colours and boosted contrast, for sharper text and beautifully textured graphics. Such exceptional clarity makes the screens ideal for film and broadcasting, as well as reading and displaying complex information in professional, specialised applications such as CAD or air traffic control.

SHARP understands different environments have different needs for display operating times. The three ranges of professional displays are specifically designed for continuous use over long periods. Both the PN-HW and PN-HB displays can operate 16/7 – ideal for promoting products and services or communicating information in shopping centres, hotel foyers, customer service desks or large corporate offices, whilst the PN-HM series offers 24/7 operation – perfect for transportation hubs or service station restaurants that need to provide information to customers all day, every day.

Audiences nowadays expect multimedia presentations to deliver a compelling audio and visual experience. With the PN-HW’s built-in speakers, support for USB playback and range of connectivity, it is easy to create digital signage and displays that make a real impact. Its built-in USB media player provides an easy way to display slideshows of 4K Ultra HD photos or play Full HD videos and music – without any extra hardware or unsightly cabling. Simply plug in a USB stick and your new digital signage is ready to go. 

You can also control the monitor from a single PC or laptop by connecting your computer to the display via its integrated LAN or RS-232C interfaces. This allows you to adapt how you use the displays to suit your own control systems. Each display is also fitted with three HDMI inputs, so you can easily switch between sources. 

For those who are looking for more flexibility in displaying their content, the convenient integrated media player of the PN-HB and PN-HM series allows easy playback of .jpeg, .png, .mp4, .wmv, .ts and .mp3 files when a USB or SD card is inserted in the display, without the need for a PC or associated cable runs. 

The PN-HB and PN-HM displays are also equipped with the innovative System on Chip (SoC) solution. With Android 7.1 for digital signage built-in to the SoC, it gives you the flexibility to connect your displays in the way you want. For example, with a networked application, transport hub operators can ensure up-to-date timetable information is displayed in real time.

Looking to create a more eye-catching display than conventional wall-mounted signage? Thanks to SHARP, you can now choose to install the PN-HW displays in either landscape or portrait mode to suit whatever type of content you want to show and ensure they blend in with their surroundings. If you prefer not to use a conventional wall mounting, you also have the freedom to deploy them as a stand-alone display. For example, you can showcase life sized images of people or all manner of content using the larger format 75” and 86” screen sizes, perfect for historic buildings or hard-to-access places where standard fittings and cabling are not possible. 

Alternatively, you can mount the PN-HB and PN-HM displays flat, either face-up or face-down or tilted at any angle in portrait or landscape orientation. You can also create suspended installations, with the optional ceiling mounting brackets and integrated wire fixing points of these two series, giving you the option to create “floating” displays among a retail display, shop window or in a corporate office reception area.

With the impressively sleek and elegant look and a variety of sizes, the PN-HW, PN-HB and PN-HM series 4K Ultra HD displays are the perfect way to create an impactful message in any corporate meeting room, reception area or high traffic retail space.


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