24 January 2018

tvONE has launched its Corioview 4K multi-window processor. The company also unveiled 4K multiformat AV matrix routers and an HDMI 4-port output module for its Coriomaster solution.

Corioview is tvONE’s fastest eight-input, half-rack 4K UHD multi-window processor with an extended front panel. The plug and play solution features pre-programmable presets, video and audio switching, auto layout functionality and supports up to eight sources. The HDMI-4 port module is designed to provide 1080p60 on each port of the 4RU Coriomaster video wall processor.

Corioview allows for each of its eight inputs to be viewed in any of the eight video windows with ultra-low latency. This flexible solution is ideal for IP streaming as well as AV, broadcast and legacy inputs and embedded or S/PDIF audio outputs. Corioview supports mixed input types, colour borders, source labelling, audiometers, audio delay and logo insertion. Additionally, it supports source and preset transitions, offers landscape and portrait output options for displays, and is LED wall capable with custom resolution management.

The unit can be controlled through its front panel, via Coriographer or through the API and it features auto-layout functionality, which automates preset selection.

“Corioview redefines the 4K multiviewer experience with its game changing features, such as the auto-layout and unique ‘info’ button,” said Bilgay Akhan, global product manager for tvONE. “The ultra-compact Corioview achieves ultimate flexibility to fit into any application with its mixed input types; IP, HDMI, SDI, DVI-U. It is the perfect solution for any facility, whether it be a corporate, healthcare, industrial, broadcast, retail, education, or control room environment.”

tvONE: www.tvone.com
Australian Distributor: www.corsairsolutions.com.au


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