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What’s On The Matrox Menu?

InfoComm ’22: Updated AVoIP portfolio, interoperability demonstrations, and more.


9 June 2022

Matrox Video will be sharing its AV-over-IP perspectives and best practices across the show floor at InfoComm 2022. In Matrox booth N1563, Matrox’s complete AV-over-IP portfolio will power a series of routing, monitoring, streaming, recording, extension, switching, and video wall demonstrations tailored to today’s demanding mission-critical environments. 

Matrox will also be part of the AIMS SMPTE ST 2110 and IPMX (booth W1067) and HDBaseT (booth W1337) interoperability demonstrations, highlighting the benefits of standards-based and gateway-centric AV-over-IP environments for the Pro AV/IT market. 

Lastly, Matrox industry experts will also be providing an educational session titled “When and Why to Use the Three Major AV/IP Technologies” to offer insights on the advantages of the latest AV-over-IP methods for specific IP signal transport applications.


Near-Zero-Latency AVoIP Routing And Monitoring
Making its InfoComm debut is the ConvertIP standards-based, IPMX-ready encoder/decoder engineered to provide system integrators and AV professionals with maximum flexibility to support compressed and uncompressed 4K IP signal transport across a variety of Pro AV/IT applications. With multiple input/output connectivity options, ConvertIP facilitates the integration of new technologies into existing AV infrastructures, all while delivering lossless 4K-over-IP with imperceptible latency. In addition, the ConductIP NMOS-based signal routing platform will demonstrate how to simplify media distribution in networks of any size by enabling users to discover, monitor, and route any AMWA NMOS-enabled ST 2110 or IPMX-ready signal.

4K Streaming And Recording
Maevex 6100 Series encoders will highlight the optimal security, performance, and density combination to support high-quality, low-bandwidth, low-latency, multi-channel streaming and recording applications. These quad-4K encoder appliances enhance mission-critical operations by delivering content to on-premises endpoints, transmitting signals over the LAN, WAN, and internet, feeding cloud-based servers, and recording to local or network storage for post-event editing and/or review.

Control Room Collaboration Over IP
Extio 3 IP KVM extenders, Maevex 6152 quad-4K encoders, D-Series video wall graphics cards, and Mura IPX IP capture and encode/decode cards will illustrate how system integrators and AV professionals can build AV-over-IP ecosystems capable of capturing, streaming, extending, switching, recording, decoding, displaying, and controlling AV content. Viewing, accessing, and sharing content over standard one Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) networks optimises and facilitates communication, collaboration, and decision-making in real-time for control room operators.

Digital Signage Video Walls
QuadHead2Go multi-monitor controllers will showcase simple-to-configure, simple-to-deploy digital signage video wall approaches. Packaged in a small, quiet, compact appliance, QuadHead2Go streamlines design experiences by capturing a single HDCP-compliant 4Kp60 video source—including today’s most popular digital signage players—for display across four Full HD monitors to support a myriad of artistically-based designs.

Education Session: When And Why To Use The Three Major AV/IP Technologies
The “When and Why to Use the Three Major AV/IP Technologies” educational session will provide an overview of the three main approaches to video over IP transmission. Attendees will gain a deeper knowledge of the inter-frame compressed video, intra-frame compressed video, and uncompressed video methods and their practical applications; learn about the core differences between high-motion video versus near-stationary desktop video content delivery; and understand the key requirements of the IT network technology for LAN, WAN, and internet transmission.



InfoComm 2022 is the only event focused on Pro AV.

Join us at the most comprehensive event for audiovisual solutions that enable integrated experiences!


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