24 June 2014

RHC Holdings

Pro Co Data, an RHC Holdings brand, has unveiled its new XP Fit Plus Field Installable Fibre-optic Connector. Designed in collaboration with the SENKO Group, the XP Fit Plus is a pre-polished, pre-assembled connector, compatible with standard SC and LC connectors. Housed in a convenient, compact package, the XP Fit Plus is highly-stable and reliable, and features a mechanical splice or index-matching gel. Additionally, the connector meets the UL94-VI Flammability Rating and is RoHS and TIA/EIA 568-C3 compliant. The XP Fit Plus can be installed in less than two minutes due to its internal mechanical grip that effectively holds the fibre in place. With no need for polishing or epoxy/adhesives, which requires additional labour, the connector makes on-site installations quick and simple. Additionally, the connector comes with an assembly fixture and fibre holder for 250mm and 900mm tight buffered fibre, ensuring accurate alignment and fibre cleave when terminating. The XP Fit Installation Kit contains everything needed for installation of the SC and LC XP Fit Plus connectors.



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