19 June 2015




Yamaha has announced the launch of the new open architecture signal processor MRX7-D at InfoComm for commercial installations requiring complicated signal processing and higher I/O counts such as convention centres, conference room and hotels.

For conference applications the MRX7-D deploys a newly designed AEC (Acoustic Echo Canceller) and following an upcoming software update, will be able to be controlled from the Executive Elite products from Yamaha subsidiary Revolabs. It also features an automatic mixer designed by Dan Dugan Sound Design as one of the components – the two companies have worked collaboratively since the deployment of the Dugan-MY16 card in the CL and QL series digital mixers.

“Clear, understandable speech in audio and video conferencing has always been a challenge for users,” says Dan Dugan Sound Design CEO, Dan Dugan. “This system is perfect for installed sound applications, especially audio in conference rooms. The combination of the Dugan Speech System algorithm along with Revolabs microphones will make the MRX7-D an unbeatable voice processing system in the commercial market.”

The processor deploys Yamaha’s patented technology for sound masking with the introduction of a new ‘speech privacy’ component and is the first pro audio product to include the technology. It’s equipped with 8 mic/line in 8 analogue outputs, 2 stereo RCA inputs, and 64 channels of Dante I/O to allow simple integration with hundreds of Dante enabled products in larger system applications. A mini YGDAI card can also be used to expand local I/O and connect to other digital products.



Yamaha Pro Audio: www.yamahaproaudio.com


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