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Tokyo Olympics Comms by RTS

NBC Olympics Selects Its Broadcast Intercom Provider For Its Production Of Olympic Games In Tokyo Happening Late July


14 June 2021

NBC Olympics, a division of the NBC Sports Group, has selected RTS to provide broadcast intercom systems and support for its production of the Games of the XXXII Olympiad, which take place in Tokyo, Japan, from July 23 – August 8. The announcement was made today by John Pastore, Director Broadcast Communications, NBC Sports Group, and Denis Castanet, Director Global Product Management, RTS.

“RTS has been NBC Olympics’ broadcast intercom partner of choice for over 25 years,” said Castanet. “We’re proud to continue playing a key role in their coverage of the Tokyo Olympics. We are equally honoured to have supported the NBC Olympics production team on their transition from analog to IP, which has enabled all their local and global locations to act as a single virtual location, thanks to our unique RTS Trunking solutions. The installation for NBC Olympics’ coverage of the Tokyo Olympics will be full IP, comprising over 600 ports and leveraging two singular and superior RTS technologies: OMNEO high-quality audio for local communication and RVON for international comms.”

“We’re very excited to be utilising ODIN, RTS’s newest intercom matrix solution, in Tokyo,” said Pastore. “RTS continues to innovate and adapt to meet the high technical demands of large-scale productions that are required for massive events such as the Olympic Games.”

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Issue 28