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Epson Lights Up Gertrude St


11 August 2017

Gertrude Street in Melbourne’s suburb of Fitzroy was bursting with visual art and culture from Friday 21st to Sunday 30th July for the 10th annual Gertrude Street Projection Festival (GSPF). Epson was a key supporter for the festival, with the company’s projectors bringing to life many of the key installations.

Epson’s flagship 25,000 lumens laser projector, the EB-L25000UNL, was used at the Gertrude Hotel by artist Ash Coates in his work entitled ‘Mycolinguistics (Rubico-Sterolosis or Oneness)’. Two 12,000-lumen EB-L1505UNL projectors were also used at the festival, one by Ian de Gruchy at Turning Point for ‘Futures Past’, and the second by Peter Waples-Crowe with Megan Evans at Turnley’s Roller Door for their work ‘Settlers and Savages’.

Other Epson projectors used included an EB-L1300UNL by Amanda Morgan at the Builder’s Arms for ‘If they build a wall, we can scale it’, the EB-G7905UNL by Glynn Urquhart at Johnstons Façade for ‘Future Flesh Forms’, and the EB-G7500UNL by Rose Staff at El Lobo for ‘Reflective INK’. There were also Epson EB-2265U, EB-1460Ui and EB-G7400UNL projectors used at other installations — a total of 11 — across the entire festival.

2017 GSPF Curator Fiona Hillary said, “We are delighted that Epson is such an integral part and key supporter of the 10th Anniversary of the Gertrude Street Projection Festival as we see it as an invitation to artists to create glimpses for and of the future. For 10 days over winter, imagine Gertrude Street as a time capsule that explores the social, political and environmental epoch of our times. Drawing on the past and grounded in the present while projecting into the future the GSPF 2017 invites artists to contribute to an immersive, interactive and enchanting experience that ignites our collective social imaginary to explore the possibilities of multiple futures… There are no limits as we unfurl the future.”


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