Watt’s Up

Live venue ups PA ante.


15 January 2019

Max Watt’s House of Music in Sydney has upped the ante with a significant bolstering of its PA stocks. 

The new Adamson S10-based PA was installed by 8th Day Sound and has quickly started paying for itself, according to venue manager, Lachlan Russell: “It’s a fantastic rig for us. We looked at the fact that competing mid-cap venues were installing more capable PAs and we took a look at the production capacity of our venue. 

“We looked at the options, and the Adamson S10 had the right mix of value for money, flexibility and recognition from the international production community.”


The flexibility Max Watt’s needed was a PA that could be just as useful on a conference booking as it is for a cranking live gig. 

“We really wanted the capacity to host a wide range of acts and bands. This type of rig accommodates blues, rock, punk, electronic… it really is a world leader and provides a superior experience for the bands and the punters.”

Not only have the early reviews been positive from the public, tour promoters, manager and bands, the new PA has opened doors the venue didn’t see coming.

“We’ve had a big uptick in bands using the venue for production rehearsals prior to going out on tour.”

The likes of The Rubens, Dean Lewis, and Flight Facilities have all been through the venue prior to national tours.

8th Day Sound: www.8thdaysound.com
CMI (Adamson): (03) 9315 2244 or sales@cmi.com.au
NAS (d&b): 1800 441 440 or nas.solutions


8× Adamson S10 per side
3× Adamson S119 subs per side
6× Adamson IS7P for fill
6× Lab Gruppen PLM+ 20K44 amplifiers
2× d&b Q7 sidefill
3× d&b Q Sub stage subs
8× d&b M4 stage monitors
6× d&b D12 amps


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