Yangpyeong Stadium Elevates the Action on the Field with Harman Professional Solutions

TechData Co., Ltd. selects JBL WRX and AWC all-weather speaker systems to provide world-class audio performance, quality and coverage in harsh South Korean climate


12 November 2019

TechData Co., Ltd. and Harman Professional Solutions recently teamed up to outfit the Yangpyeong Stadium with dynamic all-weather JBL sound systems.

Yangpyeong Stadium is a comprehensive athletic facility located in the Dogok-ri neighborhood of Yangpyeong, South Korea. In addition to serving as the home stadium for Yangpyeong Football Club, a professional soccer team that plays in the K3 League, the facility also consists of an auxiliary stadium, a bowling alley, an inline skating rink, a foot-volleyball court and a public park with artificial waterfalls and rock gardens. In order to ensure excellent audio quality for spectators and participants alike while withstanding the dangers of wind, rain and a humid winter climate, stadium owners hired AV integrator TechData Co., Ltd. to install an all-weather stadium audio solution. TechData selected highly weather-resistant JBL loudspeaker systems to deliver reliable outdoor audio performance through all four seasons.    

“We required an outdoor sound system that could provide an excellent audio experience while defending against the environmental risks faced by outdoor installations,” said Audio Engineer, Yangpyeong Stadium. “Our previous outdoor systems accumulated mould and dust, directly leading to a degradation of sound quality and impractical maintenance costs. We had immense confidence in the capabilities of TechData and Harman before the project and we are pleased with the JBL solutions they provided.”

To address the stadium’s need for a highly weather-resistant sound system, TechData selected JBL WRX-treated PD6322 Series loudspeakers for their durability and heavy-duty protection against dust, wind and heavy rain. The speakers have a high IP rating and ensure high performance through all seasons, making them a perfect match for the high humidity conditions in South Korea. Additionally, TechData installed JBL AWC129 All-Weather Compact loudspeakers, which are ideal for stadiums, racetracks, fairgrounds and other outdoor facilities where high speech intelligibility is required. The installation team provided Crown DriveCore Install Series amplifiers to deliver clean and reliable power to the stadium speaker systems. TechData also included a Soundcraft Vi1 Series mixing console and JBL LSR308 studio monitors to enable operators to create and confidently monitor professional stadium-ready mixes.

“The environmental conditions at Yangpyeong were challenging because the region is very windy and humid,” said Jonathan Choi, Technical Manager, TechData Co., Ltd. “Special considerations had to be made for the winter season, when there is a lot of moisture in the air. The client’s requirements called for powerful, robust all-weather sound systems to be installed in the facility’s exterior. The JBL WRX and AWC speakers stood up to the challenges perfectly.”

“Yangpyeong Stadium needed audio solutions that could withstand the wear-and-tear factors associated with harsh climate conditions while delivering the coverage and clarity required in a professional sports facility,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, Harman Professional Solutions, APAC. “We would like to thank our partner TechData Co., Ltd. for designing and delivering a practical solution that successfully met the challenge. The new Harman audio system will enhance the incredible sports experiences hosted by the stadium.”

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