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The Adelaide Entertainment Centre has invested in LED to boost the impact and engagement of its live basketball and netball.


16 March 2022

Is there anything more exciting than sitting courtside during a big game, seeing big-time sports stars strut their stuff?

Yep, it’s watching the action replayed in glorious HD resolution on a mammoth screen —  let’s face it, you probably missed the action in real-time anyway because you were too busy balancing an enormous bucket of chips in one hand and a cold beer in the other. Sport can be exhausting.

The Adelaide Entertainment Centre is all-too-aware of the requirement to provide extensive video coverage of all the on-court action.

With key tenants that include the Adelaide 36ers basketball and the Adelaide Thunderbirds netball team, the sports centre was in a process of upgrading its facilities to keep pace with the growth in the popularity of the teams and the resulting crowds. Part of the recent work includes an upgrade to the front facade electronic banner and now the display systems indoors have enjoyed a significant upgrade.


It’s an odd contradiction that a sport played within the confines of a court should need video reinforcement and reproduction. After all, it’s all happening right in front of your nose. But modern basketball (and increasingly, netball) is a loud, action-packed affair that’s big on hoopla. What’s more the games are fast, so replays are key, even to the players and coaching staff. Not surprisingly, sponsorship displays and advertising needs to be shoe-horned into every lull in proceedings, usually at very short notice depending on the court action. Multiple screens with precise, adaptable and reliable control over the content is a must.

The show court was given a large video ‘Cube’ or gondola, suspended above the centre of the court. In fact, the new install isn’t exactly a cube, because the bevelled corners provide another four independent facets. The Cube needed to be height adjustable, including the capacity to retract it entirely for live music and other events, where sightlines are critical. 

In addition to the Cube, a continuous court perimeter LED install would provide sponsorship and advertising signage.


Aurora LDC50026FP-HB Indoor High Bright LED Displays
4 x 5000mm (w) by 4000mm (h) & 4 x 2000mm (w) by 4000mm (h)


Like a set-play that brings the perfect three-pointer, Adelaide Pro AV Solutions worked with Aurora Signage to become a winning combination. One consideration was the high levels of ambient light on and above the court, and the technical team decided on Aurora LDC50026FP-HB Indoor High Bright LED Displays — the emphasis being on ‘bright’.

Aurora has been building displays for well over a decade and it was a huge boon to be able to deal directly with the manufacturers, according to Pro AV Solutions’ Gayan Dias: “We needed a solution provider with extensive knowledge and capability and we could not look past Aurora for this project given their history of successful project outcomes.”

The main screens of the Cube measure 5000mm wide by 4000mm high, while the bevelled corners are 2000mm by 4000mm. Each of the main cube displays can handle full HD video while incorporating a ticker at the bottom of each facet. The side displays take care of player stats and advertising. A further feed is sent to the court perimeter screens for advertising and promotions.


Aurora designed and engineered the system including the cabling systems for the motorised Cube, plus the front facade screen engineering and installation.  Pro AV Solutions took on the role of project managing the job, bringing it to completion inside a three-month window between seasons and fixtures.

AVMC’s David Goodchild reflects on the undertaking: “We embarked on a consultative process with Aurora and Pro AV Solutions which involved some very specific outcomes such as the provisioning for the Cube to reside in the upper ceiling grid of the venue so as to remove any clashes with Entertainment Centre Events and also gave us the option of lowering and towing the Cube off premise if required.”

All the displays are interconnected, allowing for fault monitoring across the board and central control, and there’s a clever system of presets for the display management that simplifies the operation.

The result is an impressive, state-of-the-art display that’s nothing short of spectacular, giving the games an exciting and different perspective for the fans, and also providing a solid and clear platform for sponsorship messages. Pro AV, Aurora Signage, and Aurora’s display products certainly came up with a successful game plan.

Now, pass the bucket of chips, will you…?


Adelaide Entertainment Centre: www.austadiums.com/stadiums/adelaide-entertainment-centre
Aurora LED: (03) 9541 8888 or aurorasignage.com.au
Pro AV Solutions: proavsolutions.com.au


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