Issue 27

Amped For APAC

LEA Professional CEO, Blake Augsburger, outlines how his company’s approach to the APAC region is set to reap rewards.


19 July 2023

Column:/ Blake Augsburger

Over the past few years the APAC region has continued to be extremely resilient despite ongoing supply chain issues. However, several recent industry research reports have indicated healthy growth rates for most market verticals across the entire region. Coming out of lockdowns, we witnessed a great deal of pent-up demand in other geographic regions, particularly in the entertainment sector, and all factors demonstrate APAC is trending in a similar direction. This increased demand, coupled with LEA Professional’s strong vendor partnerships and strategic management of supply chain issues that evaded larger, legacy brands, have put us in a powerful position to serve our APAC customers with on-hand inventory and quick order fulfilment.

Cultural identity is particularly strong in APAC, and operating in these unique environments requires local support. Being local is a priority for LEA and why we are opening offices within the region — to provide a high level of customer support both pre- and post-sales to ensure a total quality experience, including options for local warehousing. Based in Singapore, Generation AV is our regional APAC agent, supported by several country-based distribution partners. We’ve extended our distribution map even further this year via agreements with Amber Technology in Australia and Onkyo Tokki in Japan — with more announcements planned in the near future.


LEA Professional’s business is built on four key pillars: Branding through Differentiated Products, Digital Content Management, Global Distribution Partners and Scalable Infrastructure. We differentiate our products by greatly emphasising listening to integrators and partners to incorporate customer-driven feature sets in our products that add functionality and value. Some examples of those customer-driven additions include pre-loading tunings for a wide range of loudspeaker models, offering APIs for third-party control, and implementing software features that enable advanced connectivity, unmatched automation, and ease of use. By carefully listening to end users, we can offer the best audio solution for each installation. Not a ‘cookie-cutter’ solution, but one tailored for the optimal acoustic experience. In turn, the integrator earns trust and often repeat business this way.

Integrators can use the Iot-enabled capabilities of our products to monitor and manage racks of amplifiers remotely, reducing the amount of travel (and end user cost) to make simple system adjustments. Additionally, integrators can offer service contracts for remote monitoring and troubleshooting, providing additional recurring revenue.


LEA Professional is very excited about the future and the ever-growing opportunities for our amplifiers. Whether it be customers in commercial, residential, marine, or even cinema applications, we have a thoughtfully planned roadmap that expands our hardware and software offerings and the vertical markets we serve. We view APAC as a primary growth region for us in the next one to two years as evidenced by our growing number of local partners, and look forward to helping the industry with its future installations.


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Issue 27