AVIA2019 Results: Best Use of AV in Education


12 September 2019

Education continues to push at the boundaries of what’s possible with AV technologies. The AVIA for the Best Application of AV in Education is for the best conceived, best executed, and most innovative AV projects and installations in the education sector. As in previous years, 2019 saw a strong field of entries for this award.

Pro AV Solutions – The Sphere Kelvin Grove Campus QUT

The Sphere is located in the atrium of the new Education Precinct building on its Kelvin Grove campus, in Brisbane. The primary element of this display is the world’s first spherical LED data display. The 5m-diameter, 3.5-tonne sphere built from over one thousand LED panels contains 12.7 million individual LEDs for a resolution just over 4K. Suspended from the atrium’s ceiling, the sphere is partnered by a 4.8-metre interactive video wall together with 12 ceiling-mounted loudspeakers to fill the space with multidimensional sound.

The judges chose this project for its high impact and its innovative application of LEDs and video mapping into the field of data visualisation and public engagement. Like the now-internationally famous Cube at QUT’s Gardens Point campus, the Sphere is designed to engage the next generation of students and inspire them to study at QUT, while also providing a unique spherical data visualisation tool suitable for displaying and modelling data on spherical objects, such as planets and stars. The judges made special mention of their admiration for the team of technicians from Pro AV Solutions and their suppliers, who spent hundreds of hours sequestered inside a spherical cage on a building site, as they fitted and commissioned the 1040 video panels that comprise this impressive display. Check out the full story here.

3D Audio Visual – UWA Trading Room

The Trading Room facility in the Business School at the University of Western Australia provides real-time access for an entire class of 45 students to the complete suite of financial information and trading tools found in trading rooms throughout the world. Shoe-horned into a limited existing teaching space, 3D Audio Visual’s design of the total refit has created a multi-purpose facility that is in high demand as a teaching space, a real-time trading room and a research facility. Along the outer wall of the room, and visible to everyone in the business school foyer, is an 11m live stock exchange ticker. Check out the full story here.

Programmed Electrical Technologies – University of Sydney LEES1 Building

The new Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences building Number 1 includes three biological safety-certified super wet labs: two at 144 seats and the third at 96 seats, each with three teaching positions and carefully-designed acoustic separation between learning groups. Also found in this building are a 3×3-screen videowall in the foyer, five six-person meeting rooms with Zoom collaboration connectivity, three 12-person VC-equipped meeting rooms, three flexible seminar rooms and a host of digital signage for information screens.

The 2019 AVIAs, proudly sponsored by Bose Pro


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