Chief Features In Google Meet Series One Room Kits

Chief announces their partnership with Google Workspace to support new Google Meet Series One Room Kits


5 February 2021

Series One Room Kits deliver meeting experiences that help people feel like they’re working together, not just meeting together. The kits feature easy-to-install devices including Smart Audio Bars, Smart Cameras and the Meet Compute System that blend into office environments and put people first. As a certified Google Meet partner, Chief provides a variety of mount solutions and accessories that offer versatility and streamline the installation process for small, medium or large room kits.   

Chief Fusion Micro-Adjustable Tilt Wall Mounts, Manual Height Adjustable Carts and Floor Support Mounts can be configured for single or dual displays to promote flexible, creative use of meeting spaces. The LTM1U and XTM1U wall mounts feature Centerless shift, Centris tilt, ControlZone levelling adjustment and ClickConnect Latching. They offer flexible adjustment of large and extra-large displays with a low-profile display mounting solution.

Rounded edges and sleek features give the LPAU and XPA1U mobile AV carts a softer, professional feel that fits well in corporate environments. A magnetic, removable front cover allows for easy cable routing to AV components inside the cart, and cable wrap hardware is included for convenient cable management. Incorporating the same professional design aesthetics and cable management ease as Chief’s mobile cart solutions, the XFA1U floor stand is especially helpful for stationary installations where the wall structure can’t support display weight.

The Series One Smart Camera and Smart Camera XL can be installed above or below large and extra-large displays with Fusion low-profile camera shelves FCA803 or FCA813. Fusion Center Speaker Brackets, FCA832 and FCA842, attach directly to the back of Smart Audio Bars for single or dual installations and include vibration dampening for an enhanced audio experience. Chief Proximity Storage accessories, like the CSPR, CSMP9x12 and CSSMP15x10, provide cable management, small device storage and simplified servicing of all components including the Meet Compute System.

All Chief solutions were tested and certified for performance by Google. Visit legrandav.com/google-workspace to explore Chief x Google Workspace solutions plus necessary hardware for dual display installs. Bill of material documents are available for download on the site, including alternative part numbers for each solution and links to installation manuals and technical documents.

Legrand: legrandav.com
Australian Distribution: midwich.com.au


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