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Digistor Partners With Kiloview

Uniting the two is the goal of expanding both businesses in ANZ; Kiloview offer cost-effective AV-over-IP hardware and software solutions.


19 October 2020

Andrew Mooney, Digistor’s Managing Director, stated “I am excited to be working with Kiloview and offering their AV-over-IP products to the ANZ market. We’re seeing an explosion of interest in IP-based video delivery, be it NDI, SRT or other more traditional transports and Kiloview is ahead of the curve in offering support for all formats.” 

Mooney continued, “Their product range enables cost-effective remote production, be it on-premise or in the cloud, and complements existing products we represent including those from Telestream, Streamstar and Simplylive to name a few.”

Judy Zuo, Kiloview’s Sales Director, also commented on the partnership, stating, “With Digistor’s sales network across the ANZ region, this joint partnership provides customers with valuable support to choose the best Kiloview product for their individual needs. We believe the collaboration of Kiloview and Digistor represents a positive change for the broadcasting industry in the A/NZ region.”

With the broad adoption of remote video production, AV-over-IP has become necessary for businesses to retain or gain a competitive technical edge. Reliable, low-latency and cost-effective solutions in this space are increasingly important to the media and broadcasting industry. The Kiloview–Digistor partnership brings together flexible solutions in AV-over-IP in areas such as live-streaming, broadcasting and program production. Kiloview products provide customers with a multitude of options to fit their requirements, and Digistor has the technical experience and skill to propose the best solution. 

Kiloview offers a complete solution for AV-over-IP including video encoding/decoding hardware, either stand-alone or rackmount, with H.264/H.265/NDI that supports almost all protocols in the market including SRT, RTSP, RTMP, HLS, RTP, TS-UDP and ONVIF. Also supported is AV transmission over Ethernet, WIFI, 4G-LTE and 5G-LTE. Kiloview has software that supports automatic device discovery and management, which significantly enhances usability for remote production. As a manufacturer with strong R&D, Kiloview can supply Digistor and its customers with customised and flexible solutions.



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Issue 25