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Event communications manufacturer recently found gigs in the NFL, Belgium’s largest EDM festival and the Chilean Police Force


6 October 2021

Since launching its digital intercom solution in 2011 and disrupting the market with its IP-based system, Green-GO has advanced to be a respected solution for major sports teams, live events and broadcast production crew comms. Its master matrix-free system offers premium features at an affordable price point, and dependability when the pressures of showtime demand it.

Growing from the foundation laid by Dutch manufacturer ELC Lighting, Green-GO’s high-end delivery and unique place in the market has driven its success in a range of application settings. Most recently, Green-GO systems have been used by the NFL, Tomorrowland Festival, Chile’s National Police Force and event producers for luxury fashion brand Guess – to name a few.

As an IP-based system, Green-GO is free from any legacy hardware or complex infrastructures, meaning it can plug into any existing 100Mbit Ethernet network without interfering with co-existing data protocols and will perform seamlessly, even when traffic levels are high. This is possible because each Green-GO unit has its own matrix, negating the need for a central hub or backbone, while ensuring the system can be easily scaled up to meet the demands of even the most expansive intercom setups.

Speedy deployment means the Green-GO system is quick to be up and running on site, ensuring all crew and team members are connected from the outset. Audio quality is high and latency is as low as 12 milliseconds, (24ms for wireless) with no degradation of the audio signal across a typical RF range of up to 300m.

Depending on requirements, Green-GO systems comprise a combination of wired and wireless beltpacks, multi-channel stations, switches and interfaces. Being free from an external master station, each system can be configured to meet the exact requirements of the application at hand, and PoE throughout means that only one cable is required for both the signal and power supply.

From niche digital intercom systems to mainstream solutions

Adopted by the NFL’s technology solutions team, coaches rely on Green-GO technology to call the plays and communicate with their coaching teams in all types of weather conditions and against the backdrop of turbulent crowd noise levels. The NFL system features an intercom box with four programmable buttons that coaches and teams can customise to suit their particular system.

Though the size of the audience may be similar to a football game, the event production and logistics of Belgium’s largest music festival are very different in comparison. The 70,000-capacity Tomorrowland Festival chose Green-GO as the intercom solution to connect production management and crew delivering the electronic dance music extravaganza.

In a very different application, Chile’s national police force, the Carabineros, needed a new intercom solution for the lecture theatre at its Santiago headquarters. Working within the building’s busy RF environment, the Green-GO solution was the first IP-based intercom system to be installed in the country.

From law enforcement in Chile to catwalks in Switzerland, Green-GO digital intercom technology was also chosen to manage the complex intercom requirements for a Guess showcase event, which was live-streamed to 600 sales people worldwide.

Future Prospects

Green-GO recently released a Beta of Control software version 5, which sees a complete reimagination of the system. Incorporating a wide range of user feedback, the entirely new software and firmware improves accessibility and control and gives Green-GO new levels of functionality and capability.

Green-GO’s Silvio Cibien comments: “The release of Green-GO Version 5 marks a significant moment in our history. We’re proud of everything we’ve achieved so far, in terms of both the technological developments and the range of projects we’ve supported, and now we look forward to a bright future.”

Green-GO: greengodigital.com
Australian Distributor: evocomaus.com.au


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