Ingram Micro Joins With EPOS for Australia.

Ingram Micro has announced a new alliance with Danish audio and video solutions specialist, EPOS for Australia.


1 December 2023

Ingram Micro has announced a new alliance with Danish audio and video solutions specialist, EPOS for Australia. The agreement will further strengthen Ingram Micro’s reseller partners’ ability to meet customer needs in the fast-growing AV, remote and hybrid working space.

EPOS designs, manufactures, and sells high-end audio and video solutions for business professionals around the globe.

“Ingram Micro is proud to bring EPOS ’s AV products to resellers in Australia,” says Hope McGarry, Director, Advanced Solutions Group, Specialty and Commercial, Ingram Micro.

“Our resellers focus on the sectors where noise cancellation is most needed – and today, with the trend for remote and hybrid work, that’s just about everywhere.”

For today’s professionals working in open offices or in hybrid workplaces, noise and poor audio affect the ability to focus adversely impacting efficiency. When we are not provided with the most ideal conditions, our brain can suffer from ‘listening fatigue’. Over time, this can lead to negative effects such as memory fatigue, concentration loss and stress.

As part of the Demant Group, a world-leading hearing healthcare and technology group, EPOS has extensive data on how and when the brain performs best. With this knowledge, EPOS has founded EPOS BrainAdapt, a unique, research-based approach to designing audio solutions reducing cognitive load caused by bad audio.

Ingram Micro’s resellers will be able to deliver EPOS solutions to all sectors of the market, government, and the public sector, along with education, call centres, healthcare, SMBs through to corporations.

“EPOS products are backed by decades of research into how the brain perceives and processes sound,” says David Sorrell, Sales Director Enterprise Solutions ANZ, EPOS.

“We’re proud to work with Ingram Micro to deliver our solutions to Australia, and we are excited to be able to access Ingram Micro’s experienced reseller base to target all sectors of the Australian market.”

EPOS supports partners through its EPOS Partners Program that is designed to make it easier and more rewarding for businesses to grow with EPOS.

The program contains tools and resources, along with support and training, digital sales tools and marketing support, all intended to help partners grow their business with EPOS.

Ingram Micro Australia: 1300 651 124

Website: Ingram Micro


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