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Milan Workgroup Members Join Avnu Alliance Board of Directors


13 June 2019

Avnu Alliance, an industry consortium enabling open, standards-based deterministic networking, announces the recent appointment of new board of director seats and Alliance officer leadership for fiscal years 2019 through 2020.

Milan workgroup founding members Henning Kaltheuner of Germany-based d&b audiotechnik and Genio Kronauer of France-based L-Acoustics have been elected to the Avnu Alliance board of directors. Kaltheuner and Kronauer, together with their colleagues, have both been major contributors to Avnu Alliance in the ProAV segment, both in marketing and technical capacities. Results from their leadership include the recent introduction of Milan interoperability protocol, which under their direction is continuing to help shape the future of the industry.  

“The support from the Avnu Alliance for the Milan initiative has been remarkable and very constructive,” said Henning Kaltheuner, Head of Strategic Business Development and Market Intelligence, d&b audiotechnik. “It is a logical step for pro AV companies to continue to take responsibility and leadership within the Avnu Alliance. This is the right forum where leading pro AV, IT, automotive and industrial companies can come together to create converged network standards for the future.”

“Avnu has provided a strong platform for the audio industry to work together to develop AVB networked products with plug and play ease that allow our clients to focus on creating unforgettable live shows,” said Genio Kronauer, Director of Electronics at L-Acoustics. “It has been a pleasure to work with my peers on the Milan initiative and now it is an honour for me to represent the pro AV industry on the Alliance board of directors.”

“Henning and Genio are well-respected leaders in the Alliance and the pro AV industry,” said Greg Schlechter, President, Avnu Alliance. “Their leadership over the past several years and the experience and work that they have contributed to Avnu and the ProAV workgroup has been invaluable. I look forward to working with them on the board of directors to lead the Alliance in enabling the transformation required by these ecosystems onto standard, converged networks.”

New officer nominations were also made, including Greg Schlechter of Intel as President. Greg has been involved with Avnu for nearly a decade, previously serving as a board member and Avnu Marketing Workgroup Chair, working across market segments to develop strong positioning, communications and strategy for the Alliance.

The board also created a position of Avnu Alliance CTO, with Kevin Stanton of Intel stepping in to help facilitate additional common architecture leadership across segments and with the increasing number of organizations that Avnu cooperates and liaises with.

Other officer nominations include Gary Stuebing, Cisco, as Vice President and Chairman; Dave Olsen, Harman, as Treasurer; Matt Mora, Apple, as Secretary; and Amanda Cruz, VTM Group, as Executive Director.

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