Offline Schools in Tanzania Connected by Epson

Epson and World Mobile help provide quality education in Africa through a combination of technology products and low cost mobile network


18 November 2021

Epson and World Mobile (WM)have agreed to partnertosupport education and bring new opportunities to unconnectedschools in Africa.The project has got off the ground with network connectivity from WM andprinters and projectors from Epson installed inschools that have until now been left off the grid in some regions of Zanzibar, Tanzania.

This agreement reaffirms the two companies’commitment to directaction that helpsachieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In this case,SDG4 Quality Education, SDG9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure and SDG17Partnership for the Goals.

Forodhanischoolis locatedin Stone Town,Zanzibar.With around 700 pupils,the school hasbeen left offline by traditional telecom operators, meaning that teachers and children at the school have not had the infrastructure or opportunities that are taken for granted in many regions of the world. Building on the low-costwireless network introduced byWorld Mobile, Epsonprovided the schoolwith an Epson EcoTank ET-4700 Inkjet printer and an Epson EB-982W projector for education, bringing digital technologies to the classroom for the first timeandopeninga new world ofopportunity.

“When we first visited Kiwengwa School, situated in a small village in the northeast of Zanzibar, the students were learning about the internet without the ability to actually go online. To see their faces once they were connected was priceless. Everything they had been learning suddenly became a reality. This project is not about Epson or World Mobile, it’s about focusing on, until now, disadvantagedlocal communities and providing the people there withopportunities to flourish,” said Henning Ohlsson, Sustainability Director of Epson Europe.“We firmly believe that providing a quality education for all is a key goal to achieve a sustainable society, and we are delighted to work with our friends at World Mobile to do our part.We have just started this project, but we hope that other partners will join us to create a positive cycle that benefitseveryone involved.” 

“We are excited to begin this partnership with Epson,” said Micky Watkins, CEO of World Mobile. “It’s crucial to us that we share the same values as our partners. Epson has an impressive track record in sustainability and education. This partnership will help spread the word on our mission to connect Africa in a sustainable way and give teachers and students additional learning tools.”

Although the project is stillin its early stages,both Epson and World Mobileare aiming to attract new partners and providesimilar opportunities for communities and schools across the region.

Epson: epson.com


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