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Room booking with Evoko now in A/NZ

Evoko Unlimited AB has appointed Amber Technology to distribute the company’s innovative room booking solutions in Australia.


21 October 2021

Evoko’s room booking products, Evoko Liso and Evoko Naso, bring together elegant Scandinavian design and innovative software to deliver on the company’s goal of “making meetings magnificent”.

Evoko Liso is a touch-screen room booking tablet for installation outside meeting rooms. In partnership with the (included) Evoko Home software application (installed on a user-provided Windows or Linux server), Evoko Liso shares information with the digital calendar capabilities of Microsoft Office, Google Workspace and other compatible software suites. Room status is indicated by a subtle coloured light ‘aura’ surrounding the tablet, which allows users to easily find their way to a booked meeting or to identify an available room. On approach, the summary display will switch to a detailed view showing room bookings and availability and allowing users to easily create an ad hoc booking.

The Evoko Home application also supports:

  • Evoko Overview – a signage application that shows the status of all the meeting rooms in one place
  • “Get a Room” app – an application for Android or iOS phones that allows users to quickly locate a room that’s available and that has all the needed equipment for a meeting
  • Evoko Booking – a stand-alone calendar system that’s especially suited to co-working hubs (where users employ various calendaring systems).

Evoko Naso takes the concepts developed in Evoko Liso to even greater heights. Supported by a cloud software platform (hosted by Evoko; no user-provided server required), Evoko Naso integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 to display room status using both an illuminated ‘aura’ as well as a proximity-sensitive screen display. In addition, three optional software packages deliver capabilities for enhanced facilities management, which can underpin COVID-safe return to work practices.

The optional packages are:

Room Services:

  • room finding, with dynamic/interactive maps
  • a room booking app (for Android and iOS devices)
  • Bluetooth room check-in
  • catering management

Desk Booking and Management (for shared- and hot-desking environments):

  • instant and future desk booking
  • desk check-in and check-out
  • desk booking app (Android and iOS)
  • people locator (based on desk/room check-ins)
  • desk analytics and insights

Visitor Management:

  • visitor check-in iPad app for front desk
  • photo capture and badge printing
  • AI-enabled recognition of repeat visitors
  • host notification
  • visitor agreements (terms and conditions)

Both Evoko Liso and Evoko Naso room booking tablets are: supplied with mounting brackets and on-glass installation kits; are PoE (or locally) powered; include WiFi capability; and have flexible cable entry options.

Commenting on the addition of Evoko Liso and Evoko Naso to the company’s Integrated Solutions portfolio, Amber Technology managing director, Peter Amos said, “We see these products as a natural complement to our wide range of AV technology solutions for conference rooms, meeting rooms and huddle rooms. The Evoko software integrates with the most popular ‘office’ platforms in use in Australia, and the extensive additional capabilities of Evoko Naso will allow end users to optimise the utilisation of meeting rooms and desks while ensuring safety for staff and visitors as we return to work in a COVID-safe manner.”

Richard Glückman, CEO of Evoko Unlimited, said “We are excited to be embarking on this new partnership with Amber Technology in Australia. Amber’s Australia-wide representation and technical capabilities will allow us to increase our presence in the important Australian market.”

Amber Technology:


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