Sennheiser Group Awarded AETM Gold Membership

Australia’s premier AV industry association collaborates to support the local industry.


27 June 2023

Sennheiser Group has been awarded Associate Gold membership for 2023 by the Association for Audiovisual and Educational Technology Management (AETM). This new status for the leading audio manufacturer is another step forward in the company’s goal of equipping the Australian market with best-in-class audio solutions for hybrid conferencing and education.

Established to create opportunities for training and professional development, the industry body represents audiovisual (AV) and educational technology professionals across Asia-Pacific. In particular, the AETM represents the tertiary education sector, a prevalent end-user of AV technology that delivers educational solutions in lecture halls, meeting rooms, collaboration spaces and beyond.

As a member for the second consecutive year, following the submission of a curated membership application, Sennheiser has been selected for its continued efforts in addressing the challenges industry professionals face when deploying AV systems in educational settings. In the last year, Sennheiser has launched several new innovations to enhance conferencing and hybrid learning for the AV and IT industry serving these sectors such as the TeamConnect Ceiling Medium, a brand new ceiling microphone that optimises audio quality, clarity and pickup in mid-sized meeting and collaboration spaces. Sennheiser also recently updated its MobileConnect Assistive Listening app which allows hybrid students with hearing loss to use their own mobile device to effectively listen and engage with a lecture, regardless of where they are in the classroom. The inclusive app now has Talk-Back functionality which empowers in-person and remote participants to respond and interact with the class from anywhere.

Speaking on the membership, AETM President, Scott Doyle welcomed Sennheiser once again to the AETM community. “Sennheiser has been at the forefront of audio innovation for decades and has led the way in pioneering cutting-edge technology that seamlessly bring people together. It’s a pleasure to have such a leading audio brand join our deep network of industry professionals and to work together for the betterment of learning outcomes across the country.”

Jason Grbevski, Sennheiser’s Business Communications Sales Director for ANZ shared, “We are honoured to be part of the AETM Association as Associate Gold members. We are excited to give back to our industry by sharing our audio expertise, but also look forward to exchanging insights with the esteemed AETM colleagues. The feedback and engagement Sennheiser gains from members is invaluable to support the refinement and development of our product offerings, enabling us to continuously serve the AV and IT community with the best possible solutions that strengthen collaboration in universities and conferencing environments.”

Presenting a webinar titled ‘Sennheiser: Meet us at the Bar’ — exclusively for AETM members on Thursday 29th June at 1pm AEST — Sennheiser will premier its latest innovations to the Australian AV industry: the TeamConnect Bar Solutions. These newly launched video bars are scalable, all-in-one conferencing devices, designed to address the needs of modern-day learning environments. With built-in camera, microphones and speakers, as well as Dante integration, Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Bar Solutions bring together the brand’s superior audio quality along with newly harnessed video technology to guarantee that the visual experience matches their reputation for quality audio.

To learn more about the AETM and to register your interest to attend the webinar, visit: https://www.aetm.org/events/

With this, Sennheiser will work with the AETM Association to continue educating and giving back to the local community at the AETM Conference 2023 in November where representatives will present on the latest audio trends for the collaboration industry.

Sennheiser: sennheiser.com


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