tm stagetec systems Australian Distributor for Voice Interaction

Closed caption specialist Voice Interaction are now working with tm stagetec systems to increase reach in the Australian market


7 October 2021

tm stagetec systems has been announced as an Australian Distributor for Voice Interaction. This partnership brings with it a new perspective on aiming to offer the best technology systems integration to clients in the Australian market.

Voice Interaction is a world-wide company with the belief that as we move into the future, speech will be the preferred interface for access to information technology. Voice Interaction work and invest in research and development to be a leading company in the closed captioning area. The company is on a continuous search for innovative solutions aligned with scientific development. By providing solutions focusing on speech processing technology, Voice Interaction intends to introduce competitive advantages into their partners’ and clients’ products.

In developing innovative technological solutions in the areas of live captioning, media monitoring and transcription services, Voice Interaction works with a wide range of industries internationally. With a dedicated user base in the TV Broadcast, Live Streaming and Content Producing industries, Voice Interaction offers accurate, prompt, high performance solutions that also enable users to comply with accessibility regulations in their region.

tm stagetec systems’ brings technology together and this new product range will work to meet client’s rapidly evolving business needs. As a part of Voice Interaction’s technology development and as the corporate world evolves, the company has also found applications for its solutions in the Corporate, Education, Government and Healthcare industries. These industries have applications for meeting transcriptions, media monitoring and video and audio transcription. tm stagetec systems working in partnership with Voice Interaction, aims to help this technology to further permeate many industries within the Australian market.

Mark Lownds, General Manager at tm stagetec systems, had this to say; ‘TMS are excited to now offer Voice Interaction solutions to our clients. Their range of solutions fits well with our existing portfolio of technology integration solutions and products. Particularly for our Broadcast clients, Voice Interaction’s range offers solutions in live sub-titling and closed captioning that are simple to use, effective and most importantly accurate.’

Voice Interaction: voice-interaction.com
Australian Distributor: tm-systems.com.au


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